Jay Chou’s new song “won’t cry” was released two days ago. Not surprisingly, jay’s song quickly became a hit on the Internet. When we were young, we really grew up listening to Jay Chou’s songs. Although some songs are not so good to listen to for the first time, we look back after understanding the lyrics, Jay Chou for our generation after 90 is a kind of feelings. More than 20 years ago, jay Chou is still active in every fan’s heart. Still our most dazzling jay Chou.

Ysllashes has been doing eyelashes for more than ten years. Every failure and difficulty did not defeat us. Make the sable eyelashes bigger, so that all the beautiful women in the world can know that Ysllashes factory keeps producing eyelashes for everyone. This is our original intention.

Suddenly remembered the microblog before a period of time to make the uproar for jay Chou hit the list. Some people say jay Chou exactly how popular? He doesn’t even have the data. Who believes his fans so much? Just because of this sentence, jay Chou and his fans quickly into the storm. But here’s the unexpected. Even passers-by, also for jay hit the chart.

That’s why a lot of people are thinking. In the end, jay still proved to everyone with the first position that the undisputable does not mean not the best.

Ysllashes has always been like this, no competition, do their own things silently. Adhering to the original heart, all the way for people to do the best eyelashes.

YSLLASHES not just a supplier of eyelashes, we sell beauty.

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