Service is the best marketing tool. I think we all know Starbucks, McDonald’s, IKEA, and other world-famous chain brands, but we know why they can do so successfully now I tell you.

The most important marketing strategy of Starbucks is to provide customers with a unique experience, exquisite decoration, comfortable tables and chairs, and pleasant music, all of which are for better customer service. Starbucks is famous for its service attitude.

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McDonald’s, to determine the right target customers, successfully established the brand image, convenient and fast way of ordering food, very fast service response, let the western fast-food image deeply in the hearts of the people. So the service is the best marketing tool.

Ikea succeeds in reverse strategic positioning. What is reverse strategic positioning? The core is low price and limited service.Limited service can give customers a higher degree of freedom, more relaxed to shopping, shopping as a kind of enjoyment, which is more comfortable than meticulous service.

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Nowadays, everyone likes to prepare a McDonald’s for themselves in the busy morning shift, drink a cup of starbucks after work, and lie on the comfortable sofa of ikea at home, which has become a lifestyle and a habit.

All products and services are very important. We make Mink Lashes, which is the same as false eyelashes. False eyelashes can become a part of our life and a habit.

I hope our products will satisfy you.

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