Today, there was an inquiry a customer who has no response for a long time from the last order in April, Every time, I sent her new designs Mink Lashes Cases to occupy the market but she ignored me.

Today she sent me a message today and tole me that she added new cheaper styles She was greedy for cheap, to buy other low price eyelashes. But she lost a lot of customers because of the quality and delivery date of that batch of goods. She didn’t want to go on messing up her career. She had to rebuild the trust of her customers. So she thought of me again. Says we have the best lashes and the best service. and now she was aware that good products will in the market, in the end, it is the truth!

I compeltely understand her action. Only setback can push us growing up gradually.

This time. She wants to order Mink eyelashes and Packaging boxes with new brand new designs.

But she didn’t order a lot. Just 200 eyelashes and customize your own packaging. The number of Custom Packaging is the same as the number of eyelashes. This will match her eyelashes to the number of boxes.

After I heard her request, I offered her another solution. Order 1000 mink lashes packaging. 500 Wholesale Mink Lash Boxes is our minimum order quantity, usually, we will recommend customers to make 500 Eyelash Boxes Custom.

After All, the larger the number of boxes, the lower the corresponding cost you pay. Like 2000 boxes, you can probably pay only 0.5 dollars per box, but for 500 boxes, you need to pay 1 dollar per box. 200 boxes, you will pay higher costs.

And the time required to make 200 Eyelash Boxes Custom is the same as the time required to make 2000 Mink Lashes Cases. Even if you are this time, you only need to use 200 Mink Lashes Cases. We will of course ship as you wish. We will store the remaining boxes in our warehouse and keep them intact for you. Until your next Eyelash Order. We will continue to use the box based on your order.

This not only saves you the cost of making the Mink Lashes Cases. But also saves you the time of making the box. In contemporary times, saving time is winning a bigger market for you.

After listening to my explanation, the customer readily agreed. And tell me she learned a lot here. Everyone who can do business will seize every opportunity perfectly.

Have you learned this skill in front of the screen?

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