Eyelash business is attractive, more and more people start lashes business. Find a Stable Eyelash Supplier is the way you better them others!

Eyelash sales market details
Eyelash sales market details

What’s the point for Stable Eyelash Supplier

In the eyelash market, plenty of companies said they are a good eyelash supplier and stable eyelash supplier. But are they? No, they are only trading company and buy from another eyelash factory. So here is the point, how to distinguish trading company and real eyelash manufacturer?

To distinguish the difference between them is very easy.
The trading companies have no power to design and custom eyelashes. They will only buy hot sale styles and keep a few of in stock. The false eyelash and quality are also bad and low because they want to make their profit as much as can!

What is a good eyelash supplier?
First, they must have hundreds of mink eyelashes and false eyelashes design. A stable eyelash supplier will not only design and produce little eyelashes.
Second, ask them for custom. This is not only custom brand Logos or lash packaging boxes. Is custom your own real mink eyelash depend on your market or your own situation.

To distinguish them is not to make them feel hard or uncomfortable. This is the only way to keep your own lash business growing up and safe. Otherwise, you will lose customers because of different quality and bad effect. But if you are focus on the low-end market, buy from any low-price company is ok. Because different situations have a different way.

What our company and lash factory is?

Our factory is located in Pingdu, the largest false eyelash production base in the world. Our factory like our foreign trade company is gradually growing into more than 100 skilled and experienced eyelash production workers.

Stable eyelash supplier's produce detail
our eyelash produce detail

Every worker is eligible for work only after a rigorous training of up to six months. After many checks and strict training, these handmade eyelashes can be guaranteed to produce a defective rate of no more than 0.3%.

Stable eyelash supplier's produce worker
Our eyelash produce worker

We also have special equipment for the production of eyelash packing box, which can greatly improve the efficiency of delivery, and avoid the situation that the eyelash production is completed but the delivery cannot be delayed due to the reason that the packing box does not arrive, which leads to the delay of market opportunity!

If the whole eyelash business is compared to a war, dealers, foreign trade companies, and so on are the soldiers fighting in the battlefield, then the eyelash wholesale is the logistic force to ensure the continuous supply from the rear.

So you can feel free to ask any questions or help, and choose us be your lash supplier!


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