Why can’t you make eyelashes based on your target price?

Customers have recently ordered our products, and after comparing it with other mink lashes, they still like our styles.

As a result, when ordering large quantities of eyelashes, the target price was given and let us do it. But still want to do the same as the sample. If we want to be exactly the same as the sample, we can’t do it.

The cost of making eyelashes

Dear customer, do you know? Our mink eyelashes are handmade. In order to make the product you like, and to make the product comfortable to wear, we start from the cost of raw materials, the cost of designers, the cost of training workers, the cost of quality control, and the cost of quality It is the lowest and most competitive price given after careful calculation.

Your target price is based on your own budget, not based on product quality. The price is not calculated from a professional perspective. We can certainly understand that after all, you have not experienced the entire process of eyelash production.

The only thing we can guarantee is that the price of the same product is the lowest, and the quality of the product of the same price is the highest.

As a collaborator, the value of our existence

We are your collaborators. In the Internet age, prices are very transparent. Our goal is to enable all consumers to experience the most beautiful and luxurious eyelashes. Let all middlemen who work with us make money.

The price of our mink hair products is a little higher than your target price, but the price contains a lot of value that you cannot see. Style, quality, service, etc., we do not want to provide some sub-charged products in order to get your order. Because your target price is impossible to get the same product as the sample.

Without enough budget, what should we do

Dear customer, if your budget is limited, but you still want to make our products, then I suggest that you reduce the quantity according to your budget, wait for your capital to turn around, and then slowly increase the quantity. But don’t buy bad similar products.

I can only give one example. I hope you can understand that there are various practices in the furniture industry. The outer packaging is the same. The material is replaced, but the appearance looks the same, but the air generated during the use process, formaldehyde is completely different. It has a great impact on your health.

So I hope you understand that you can’t make sub-charged products according to your target price. If your target price is too high, it will not work, because you lose market competitiveness, and your target price will not be too low, and product quality will decline.

Please rest assured that we have chosen the major!

There is more information about the package of eyelash set here, please click:3D Mink Wholesale Lashes Factory

Plastic transparent display stand promotion

Some time ago we introduced the packaging of a Plastic transparent display stand, and then we successively launched three different display racks.

Due to the epidemic during this time, many eyelash merchants have no way to better their own eyelash business. We also want to take this opportunity to help our eyelash dealers.

So after our long discussion. We decided to sell these four display packages to everyone at a very favorable package price.

Let’s learn about the preferential prices of these Plastic transparent display stand and eyelashes with everyone.

Package 1: Single-layer black magnetic eyelash display stand (6 pairs of eyelashes)
2 pairs 3d mink lashes
2 pairs 20mm mink lashes
2 pairs 3d wand lashes
Their total price is $69

Package 2: Single-layer transparent acrylic display stand (10 pairs of eyelashes)
3 pairs 3d mink lashes
3 pairs 20mm mink lashes
2 pairs 25mm mink lashes
2 pairs 3d wand lashes
Their total price is $99

Package 3: three-layer transparent acrylic display stand (27 pairs of eyelashes)
9 pairs 3d mink lashes
6 pairs 20mm mink lashes
6 pairs 25mm mink lashes
6 pairs 3d wand lashes
Their total price is $239

Package 4: four-layer transparent acrylic display stand (36 pairs of eyelashes)
12 pairs 3d mink lashes
8 pairs 20mm mink lashes
8 pairs 25mm mink lashes
8 pairs 3d wand lashes
Their total price is $289

There is more information about the package of eyelash set here, please click:Eyelash strapping package

How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly!!!

How to Start an eyelash business eyelash with your private label!


Have you ever wanted to sell your own brand of quality mink eyelashes and 3D Mink Lashes? Have you ever wondered How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly? Come with me!!!

Have you ever wanted to find a reliable vendor to do your own business about 3D Mink Lashes?

Never miss choosing YSL Lashes, which is an experienced wholesaler and vendor for quality mink lashes.

Hope below guideline will be helpful for you:

1st step:

Please ask us for lashes catalog and price list, and choose the lashes category you want to run. We supply quality Regular mink lashes, 3D mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, and 25mm mink lashes.

2nd step:

In the catalog, there is No. for each style, choose your favorite eyelash styles and let us know the style No.

You also can send us your own lashes design, we can make a sample for you. Before you place the bulk order please start with the sample order to check the quality first. You also can place bulk orders directly.

MOQ for lashes sample is 10 pairs at least, which can be mixed with different styles.

3rd step:

Choose to package for sample order. We have free packaging and normal packaging without a logo to choose from. It is easy to start with this packaging for sample order because there is no quantity limit for them.

4th step:

After you confirmed the sample list. We will send you a bill for payment, you can settle payment by PayPal or Western. We will send the sample order to you by worldwide express shipping, after receipt of payment. Usually, for stock styles, we can send out in 1-2 days after payment. If there is no stock lead-time is 5-10 days.

5th step:

If you are satisfied with sample quality. You can start with small quantity orders with your private label packaging. We support to customize the packaging with your own logo or private label. MOQ for the customized box is 100 pieces.

6th Step:

After receipt of the initial orders from us, you can start with your business now!!

May you have a good business! We will be your sincere support!

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YSLLashes And The Customer’s Daily Routine

Do you want to know the daily routine between an Eyelash Supplier and its customers?

Let’s post a conversation between a staff member of the YSL Lashes Eyelash Supplier and an eyelash customer. This kind of chat conversation, you also deserve it!

There are still a lot of chat records like this, so I can see the dialogue. What is included between them? It is the customer’s 100% trust in our products and 100% trust in our staff. Our most important task is to provide our customers with The Best Quality Eyelash Products.

Of course, this kind of trust will not be the tacit agreement to reach this level in two days. When you first start working together, no one can trust your supplier unconditionally.

Correspondingly, the customer communicates with us numerous times, ordering the sample eyelashes to confirm the quality of the eyelash products. Then customize the eyelashes you want based on your own ideas. I finally decided on the eyelash style that best suits my eyelash market, and then ordered in large quantities.

This result is achieved by our joint efforts. Only when both parties fully understand each other can we cooperate better. Many guests only ask, how much is your eyelash price? Price is important, but the price is not everything. Good communication between the two sides and the establishment of the best trust is the best start for mutual benefit and win-win.

YSLLASHES your best mink lashes supplier

Nice day! This is Abby from “ YSL lashes”, We are the biggest manufacturer specializing in 3d mink lashes with high-quality lashes with reasonable price.

We have 3D mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, and 25mm 3D mink lashes. All products are originally created by ourselves, Especially our Bigger 3d mink lashes once created and push to market, It is hot welcomed and overwhelming in the world!

We can also meet your different needs for high-quality lashes. Our unique craft makes our eyelashes more perfect. We can also customize different styles of eyelashes according to your requirements.

If you want to do your own logo, Our designer is always available to help you.

If you are interested in. Contact us freely.

YSLLASHES your best mink lashes supplier.

Why Choose YSL Lashes as Mink Lashes Supplier?

YSL Lashes is a Professional Mink Lashes Supplier with own design team, own Mink Lashes Factory and own international trading department! Working with us, you not only get the Best Wholesale Mink Lash but also the quality, service, and ideas for starting The Eyelash Business.

The YSL Lashes 3D Mink Eyelashes Vendors are always doing High Quality Lashes, and leading the trend of popular for the 3D mink lashes. Our designing team and skilled workers always keep our lashes at high quality, latest design and Timely Delivery.

Factory Direct
Our Mink Lashes Factory has ten years expreriences. For Mink Lashes Distributor of premium Mink Lashes. We have a professinal team with experienced workers. All of our eyelashes are 100% Pure Handmade by experienced workers. All The Mink Hair is sticked on the eyeliner one by one.

Original Designs
YSL Lashes’ Original Designs are leading the trend of popular for the 3D Mink Lashes. All the styles of eyelashes are YSL lashes’ original design. Our Design team always keeps our eyelashes unique and fashional.

Why are YSL eyelashes getting longer?

Why are YSL eyelashes getting longer?

YSL Lashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Bulk has been in the eyelash market for 11 years, from the beginning of the eyelashes 10mm length to the current eyelash length of 28mm, and even some longer.

So why are the eyelashes in the eyelash market getting longer and longer? According to our experience of YSLLASHES in the eyelash market for many years, it can be summarized as the following reasons:

First, the customer’s aesthetics of eyelashes are changing.

Customer preferences determine the future of this eyelash market. So why do people’s aesthetics of eyelashes tend to be more long-term? We can think about this problem in reverse. Customers who buy eyelashes want show the beauty of their eyes, and the longer the eyelashes, the more obvious this effect is. Then why we wearing eyelashes?

The second point is that the eyelashes are more and more popular.

Eyelashes are no longer applied to personal makeup. Eyelashes can be worn on more and more occasions, such as masquerade parties, such as stage performances, such as partying. There are more and more occasions where you can wear eyelashes. It also leads to the diversification of eyelash use.

Third, eyelash curling requirements are getting higher and higher

The curling of the early eyelashes on the market is very simple, and there is basically no curling at all. But consumers want to pursue a very natural and messy curl. On the other hand, it is necessary to lengthen the length of the eyelashes themselves, so that the length is more sufficient to make the curl.

The above three points are the reason why the eyelashes are getting longer and longer in the eyelash market. Of course, not all, others will be explained later in the blog.

YSL Lashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Bulk, your best mink eyelash supplier

New 20mm mink lashes DM33 DM34

Hello everyone, today I came with two new 20mm mink lashes DM33 and DM34.

Honey, you can tell by the video below. What’s the difference?

How about these two styles are not very different or big?

Some eyelash customers may ask questions about eyelash styles. Why do you have so many styles of eyelashes, but are you still designing new eyelashes?

Dear eyelash customer, think about it. Why are you in the false eyelashes business? Some clients may have a 50 percent passion for the eyelash business, but what about the other 50 percent? I want to create better-living conditions for myself. Making more money is our ultimate goal.

The eyelash style that innovates ceaselessly all the time just can explain this series of eyelashes to have a huge market. New eyelashes can quickly attract the eye of the customer, the latest eyelashes can help us, eyelash wholesalers, to occupy the market faster. Therefore, like an eyelash factory, we will continue to innovate and produce new eyelashes.

For these two 20mm mink eyelash styles, my favorite eyelash is DM23. Since DM23 belongs to cat-eye eyelashes, cat-eye eyelashes will further enhance the shape of our eyes. Make our eyes look more charming.

Compared with 3D mink eyelashes, the length of 20mm mink eyelashes will be more prominent. So if you’re looking for a pretty girl, new 20mm mink lashes may not be your first choice.

20mm mink eyelashes are more suitable for a grand dinner, grand and elegant.

If you have such a need, you must not miss these two eyelashes.

Contact me as soon as you finish reading this article.

Recommend YSL natural mink lashes for you!

Hi, dear customers. I am coming again!!!

A lot of our long eyelashes have been recommended recently, and many guests say that 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes are a bit exaggerated. Not suitable for everyday wear, I want to recommend some natural mink lashes that are suitable for everyday nude makeup or when not wearing makeup.

Then we mainly recommend our natural series of eyelashes today.

Today I recommend A035 and A013 for everyone.
I have already shown them in the video about their shape.

Natural style mink eyelashes are not as layered as 3D style eyelashes, they only have one curvature. Therefore, their corresponding craftsmanship does not have the difficulty of 3D mink lashes, and the natural price will be slightly cheaper.

If you want both eyelashes for mink hair but the budget is not a lot. I still recommend you start with natural mink eyelashes.

Many mink customers say that I have never worn false eyelashes before, and it is difficult to wear false eyelashes. In fact, you can see in my video that wearing fake eyelashes is really not difficult. Except for the time of applying the glue, the whole wearing process is about one minute. Many exercises will make you more proficient. In order to make yourself more beautiful, those difficulties are simply not things.

The natural style of the eyelashes will not look very awkward when not wearing makeup but will enlarge the effect of your eyes. Different shapes of eyelashes also modify the shape of our eyes. Let us change the style of our makeup at will when we make up.

If you like or want fake eyelashes that you can wear without makeup, you can try our natural style eyelashes.

Don’t forget to contact me!

YSLLASHES Your best eyelash supplier.

20mm mink lashes: DM10 and DM15

Hello everyone, today I came with two styles very similar 20mm mink eyelashes: DM10 and DM15.

As for why I say they are similar, dear you can tell according to the picture below. What’s the difference?

How are they really, really similar?

Some mink eyelash customers may ask questions about similar eyelash styles. Why do you continue to design these two eyelash styles when they are so similar? Just to enrich your eyelash styles?

Dear mink lashes customer, if you ask this question, you are wrong.

Similar eyelash style just can show that this mink eyelash has a huge market. As a result, our eyelash wholesalers are in short supply. Therefore, as a mink eyelash factory, we will produce eyelashes of similar styles.

DM10 is made up of 10 crossed mink hairs, while DM15 is made up of 12 crossed mink hairs. Dear eyelashes customer, if you look closely, you will see that the DM15 has two sets of mink hairs on both sides removed, and they are exactly the same as the DM10.

For these two 20mm mink eyelashes styles, I prefer DM15 mink eyelashes. Because it has short mink hair at both ends, it is more natural for Asians who don’t have big eyes to wear it.

Compared with 3D mink eyelashes, the length of 20mm mink lashes will be more prominent. So the pursuit of natural makeup sense of beautiful girls, 20mm mink lashes may not be your first choice oh.

20mm mink eyelashes are more suitable for a grand dinner, grand and elegant.

If you have such a need, you must not miss these two styles mink lashes.

Contact me as soon as you finish reading this article.

YSL lashes, your best mink lashes wholesaler.