25mm double mink lashes DB312

Hey, beautiful girls, here I come. The eyelashes introduced today are our most dazzling 25mm Double Mink Eyelashes. The eyelashes in this collection are the hairiest and thickest. They are both made from 25mm eyelashes as the base, with the two styles superimposed in pairs. We can see that the DB312, 25mm Double Mink Eyelashes […]

YSL 25mm double mink lashes

Hey, beautiful girls, I am coming.The eyelashes introduced to us today are our most dazzling 25mm double mink lashes. This series of eyelashes is the hairiest and thickest style. They are made of 25mm mink lashes as the basic style, which is made by combining two styles. We can see that the hair of the […]

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