What Is The Standard For Judging The Quality Of Mink Lashes 25mm?

It is very important for eyelash retailers to judge the right Mink Lashes 25mm. The quality of eyelashes affects the development of eyelash business. Therefore, you must spend time, money and effort to find the best 3D mink eyelash supplier. Do you know the criteria for judging the quality of eyelashes? What are the standards […]

How To Get More Customers To Order Eyelashes In Bulk?

Many customers ask YSL Lashes: “I know how to start the eyelash business, but I don’t know how to get a large and stable customer base to Order Eyelashes In Bulk, so many people disappear after the first purchase, which frustrates me.” Don’t worry, dear. We are professional Mink Eyelash Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging […]

40mm Mink Lashes—YSLLashes New Style Eyelashes

YSLLashes 40mm mink lashes .YSLLashes is customer-centric and hopes to help customers complete their mink lashes business. Therefore, Proluxurylashes eyelashes are always the best eyelash quality, and it is possible to design new eyelashes continuously. Only when we continue to design new eyelashes, our client can take the lead in entering his mink eyelashes market. […]

The feeling of wearing five lashes in one eye

The feeling of wearing five 25mm eyelash in one eye. Hello, everyone, today when I was filming the video, I suddenly remembered that there was a YouTube blogger who challenged video with a lot of eyelashes. Then I had our 25mm double eyelashes right next to me. It occurred to me that I could shoot […]

Beauty makes your mood more beautiful-YSLLashes

Beauty makes your mood more beautiful-YSLLashes Eyelashes will give you a painless feeling YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale 3d Mink Lashes Just For You. Hi, beautiful girls. Because of the epidemic, have you all been isolated at home? During the period of the epidemic, the progress of various industries around the world has been affected […]

Plastic transparent display stand promotion

Some time ago we introduced the packaging of a Plastic transparent display stand, and then we successively launched three different display racks. Due to the epidemic during this time, many eyelash merchants have no way to better their own eyelash business. We also want to take this opportunity to help our eyelash dealers. So after […]

Transparent Acrylic Display Box For Mink Lashes

Transparent Acrylic Display Box For Mink Lashes-YSLLashes Today Abby brings a Mink Lashes Display Transparent Box. Because a customer from Algeria a few days ago, I sent a message asking if there is such a transparent box that can be used to display eyelashes. Coincidentally YSLLashes Mink Lash Vendor Wholesaler is also waiting for a […]

Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale Preferential Activity Attacks

Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale Preferential Activity Attacks Hello dear friends. I’m sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!! Because today Abby brings a very heavy discount to your friends. Our old customers know that YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale has never been discounted. Because of no matter from the point of view of our 3D Mink Eyelashes Vendors or the […]

How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly!!!

How to Start an eyelash business eyelash with your private label!   Have you ever wanted to sell your own brand of quality mink eyelashes and 3D Mink Lashes? Have you ever wondered How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly? Come with me!!! Have you ever wanted to find a reliable vendor to do your own business about […]

YSLLashes And The Customer’s Daily Routine

Do you want to know the daily routine between an Eyelash Supplier and its customers? Let’s post a conversation between a staff member of the YSL Lashes Eyelash Supplier and an eyelash customer. This kind of chat conversation, you also deserve it! There are still a lot of chat records like this, so I can […]

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor

Ysllashes is  a Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor. We do 3d mink lashes, 3d 20mm mink lashes and 3d 25mm mink lashes. We have more than 100 styles of each kind lashes, we also accept custom lashes and packaging box. Our lashes no minimum order quantity. We have short delivery time. These are our advantages as […]

YSLLashes Product Knowledge-2

The mink lashes are very expensive. Are you sure that it can be used 20 times repeatedly? How can I trust you? YSLLashes mink lashes can be used more than 20 times. Follow the instructions, carefully take it, and save it is no problem. There is no need to lie to you, we want to […]

Frequently asked questions and answers 5

YSLLashes is 3D Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors and 20mm mink lashes wholesale, 25mm lashes vendors Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer. YSLLashes Eyelash Factory is the largest manufacturer and exporter of eyelash extensions and ribbon mink eyelashes in China. Exporting professional Wholesale Mink Lashes and 25mm Lashes and eyelash packaging, Lash Packaging Boxes, eyelash packaging box to the USA. Check here to know […]

YSLLASHES your best mink lashes supplier

Nice day! This is Abby from “ YSL lashes”, We are the biggest manufacturer specializing in 3d mink lashes with high-quality lashes with reasonable price. We have 3D mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, and 25mm 3D mink lashes. All products are originally created by ourselves, Especially our Bigger 3d mink lashes once created and push to market, It is hot welcomed and overwhelming in the world! We can also meet your different needs for high-quality lashes. Our unique craft makes our eyelashes more perfect. We can also customize different styles of eyelashes according to your requirements. If you want to do your own logo, Our designer […]

Why are YSL eyelashes getting longer?

Why are YSL eyelashes getting longer? YSL Lashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Bulk has been in the eyelash market for 11 years, from the beginning of the eyelashes 10mm length to the current eyelash length of 28mm, and even some longer. So why are the eyelashes in the eyelash market getting longer and longer? According to […]

25mm double mink lashes DB312

Hey, beautiful girls, here I come. The eyelashes introduced today are our most dazzling 25mm Double Mink Eyelashes. The eyelashes in this collection are the hairiest and thickest. They are both made from 25mm eyelashes as the base, with the two styles superimposed in pairs. We can see that the DB312, 25mm Double Mink Eyelashes […]

Recommend YSL natural mink lashes for you!

Hi, dear customers. I am coming again!!! A lot of our long eyelashes have been recommended recently, and many guests say that 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes are a bit exaggerated. Not suitable for everyday wear, I want to recommend some natural mink lashes that are suitable for everyday nude makeup or when not wearing […]

YSL 25mm double mink eyelash–DB347

The previous blog introduced some of our little knowledge of the 25mm double mink eyelashes in the production process. The following mink eyelashes are my favorite style DB347 in 25mm double mink lashes. Let me first talk about what a 25mm double-layer mink eyelash is in my cognition. 25mm double mink lashes, wild and unrestrained, […]

YSL 25mm double mink lashes

Hey, beautiful girls, I am coming.The eyelashes introduced to us today are our most dazzling 25mm double mink lashes. This series of eyelashes is the hairiest and thickest style. They are made of 25mm mink lashes as the basic style, which is made by combining two styles. We can see that the hair of the […]

Do you know what the world’s longest eyelashes look like?

What is the longest eyelashes in the world? Human eyelashes are generally 8~12mm, long eyelashes can make people’s eyes very spirit and very beautiful. Is the most beautiful girls want most. But what if eyelashes are longer than 10 centimeters? The eyelashes of this lady from Jiangsu province are 12.4cm long… Feel those strange eyelashes! […]

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