Real mink eyelash VS Fake mink eyelash

With advances in synthetic materials, it has become difficult to identify artificial lashes. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to identify mink lashes. I hope this guide will give you clear and simple instructions on how to check the eyelashes you buy to make sure it’s real or fake mink lashes. Do you want to find real mink lashes wholesale?

Judge by smell

Another good way to check if eyelashes are real is to do a burn test. Use a match to light your purchased eyelashes to see how they burn and smell. Preferably in an enclosed area, such as over the bathroom sink, so you can pick up the smell. When faux fur burns, it usually smells like plastic, so mink lashes may be fake. However, real mink lashes give off that distinctive smell of burnt feathers. Real mink lashes curl quickly like human hair and burn to ashes.

Judge by your vision

From a visual point of view, artificial mink lashes are shinier than real mink lashes, but they look very unnatural and feel like they’re covered in oil. The artificial fur lashes are harder than the real ones. It’s also obvious that the fake fur lashes weigh more than the real ones, which can be very uncomfortable. If you don’t want your clients to buy fake mink lashes, learn to judge from your senses. The ferret chosen by Qingdao YSLLashes Silk is natural animal hair, CRUELTY-FREE, and hair is spiritual. Cannes eyelashes are vivid and natural, with fine workmanship and elegant styling. Choose Proluxurylashes silk to get excellent quality and a reasonable price for the mink eyelashes you buy.

Judge by price

One way to judge whether eyelashes are genuine is the price. If you buy mink lashes for a dollar or two, chances are your lashes are fake. You know what they say, you get what you pay for. It will cost a lot of money and time to select the materials for mink, process the lost eyelashes, and transport the mink lashes. We think that if you are an eyelash lover and want to buy eyelashes in bulk, we have an obligation to let you know at what price you can get real mink lashes.

For a good customer experience and for the rapid growth of your eyelash business, learn to judge real or fake mink lashes. Want to know more about the mink eyelash true or false judgment method? Do you want to find a real mink lashes wholesale?

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Halloween King- 36mm Large Mink Eyelashes

36MM large Mink Eyelashes Special Makeup

YSLLashes 3d Mink Eyelashes Vendors is the most important brand focusing on High-Quality Mink Lashes. The first batch of high-quality 36MM large Mink eyelash will be launched on 10.18. Pursuing the trend without forgetting its original intention. The official sales time is one week, and limited sales. This is an opportunity for makeup artists and the eyelash business.

For makeup artists, some makeup artists specialize in special effect makeup. They have superb makeup skills and can change a person through makeup. Among them, some makeup artists are good at exaggerated makeup. Eyelashes of 36-40MM will be a new choice.

With the growth of the false eyelashes market, consumers are increasingly pursuing beauty. 25mm mink eyelashes with fluffy 3D mink eyelashes can no longer meet the needs of beautiful girls. Bold innovation is also a trend, girls began to pursue 30mm 3D mink or longer 38mm 40mm large eyelashes to modify and increase their makeup.

On Halloween, 36mm Large Mink Eyelash are essential highlights. Halloween is coming soon, and everyone will put on some unique makeup at the party. Eyelash length of 38mm-40mm will be a good choice for me. Therefore, this is a huge business opportunity for the Luxury Real 3d mink lashes business.

Do you want makeup to lead the trend? Do you want to attract traffic to build your own eyelash brand?
Come and contact YSLLashes and add these 36-40MM big eyelashes to your collection!

Is It Cost-effective to change Mink Lashes Suppliers in halfway?

There are many Siberian Mink Eyelash Strips Private Labeling Manufacturers in the market. You always receive hundreds of emails or messages to recommend their products in different ways.

You started to doubt yourself if we pay higher cost to purchase goods?

Is it the right decision to change Mink Lashes Manufacturer in the halfway of cooperation?

The current suppliers are familiar with your orders

Everyone in the eyelash business knows that changing High-Quality Mink Lashes Suppliers is a big deal. In the process of selling products, customers will give you market and product feedback.

If you have been in the Privet Label Lashes business for a long time, Your current supplier may be adjusted some skilled workers to serve you and they will be very familiar with your product. Which can assure the quality of mink lashes.

Meanwhile, They may have no enough energy to creating new designs .

Trying new things means opportunities

Whether you change your supplier or not is depended on if the new 3D Mink Eyelash Manufacturer is better than your current one.

I have two suggestions:

Poor ability suppliers get orders by lowing price which means lost
If the lashes suppliers get your order by low price. I don’t suggest you change the current suppliers. Because lowing price to get orders is the easist way which means the supplier have no thinking and ability. If you give up your current suppliers may bring you big loss.

High-ability suppliers get orders through better products which means opportunities!

Of course, If the supplier gets orders through better products and creative things. This kind of supplier you can have a try with them. Because They have the ability and may bring you to brand new market opportunities.
If you change the mink lashes supplier, Some problems should pay attention.

In this way, I suggest you open some new styles of mink lashes from the new mink lashes supplier.

Never to ask them to copy your current lashes styles by low price, Because our mink lashes are pure hand made, It is unique and no one can copy them very same.

Some mink lashes wholesalers ask the new mink lashes supplier to copy our goods. They bear big lost other than saving cost. Because they can not copy at all.

At this time, if the new Invisible Strip Lashes supplier is not stable and the quality of the product is low, then when you change to sell, the customer will find that the quality of the product is not as good as before.

The end customer is the final tester

Why are you so sure? Because every consumer is not a fool, the wearer can feel the comfort with the Wholesale 25mm Mink Eyelash. When consumers find that the product experience is extremely poor, it will reduce your sales and reduce their market share.

On the contrary, if the new supplier is better than the previous one, you will find that your customers will only increase!

why? Because consumers find that your 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale is getting better and better,

first of all, the user experience is better than before, so more and more people will be attracted.

Second, when customers feel that your brand is getting better and better, they will rely more on your brand, increasing your brand credibility and customer stickiness.

This is a very important thing for the development of a brand.

So you can change the supplier halfway, but please be sure to change to a High-quality Mink Lashes Suppliers.

How should Eyelashes Packaging Boxes Choose?

Good eyelashes need to be matched with a good Eyelashes Packaging Boxes, and every detail must reflect your pursuit of the product and the energy delivered to consumers.

There are many boxes on the market, with various materials and shapes, and they are very simple to make. Among the many boxes, how to choose Eyelashes Packaging Boxes?

The eyelash boxes on the market are mainly divided into acrylic plastic boxes and cardboard boxes.

Acrylic box

Acrylic round boxes, we mainly recommend two types here.

The minimum order quantity of acrylic box is very high, the mold cost is high, if it can not reach a large quantity. It is not cost-effective to customize this kind of box, but we have also carefully prepared two models for consumers, with a minimum order quantity of 30pcs.

One is a round box and the other is a transparent square box. Simple and not easy to break when placed in the bag. If you often go to parties and need to change makeup, then this acrylic box is really a good choice. The bronzing logo is also very high-end.

Cardboard box

With the popularity of digital printers, the minimum order quantity of cardboard boxes is small, the mold cost is low, and the printing can be changed to show the diversity of the boxes, which is currently more popular in the market. But consumers are prone to breakage and crush when they are packed in a bag.

Here we mainly recommend two kinds, one is a box made of special paper, the box shape can be changed at will, and the bronzing logo. The MOQ of special paper is relatively high, here we have carefully prepared several special paper boxes for you. From 30 rations.

Printing is very simple. You can print any design you like. Although there is no MOQ, the higher the quantity, the lower the price, and the lower the quantity, the higher the price.

Why YSLLashes chooses mink eyelashes hair as raw material?

Wholesale Lashes Suppliers USA Lash Wholesale Vendor

Have you ever wondered why we choose mink hair to make eyelashes?Then we analyze for you from the following aspects. To give you an understanding of mink eyelashes.

  1. The structure of hair components

The composition structure of mink hair is relatively close to that of human hair, and the wearing feeling is more fit to the human body and more comfortable and natural.

  1. Retention of natural hair tips

Mink hairs use animal hair that falls off naturally, and each hair retains its natural tip to ensure its integrity and naturalness, making the eyelashes look more real.

Real Mink Lashes Wholesale Mink Wholesale Lashes

  1. Highly rollable

Mink Eyelashes’ hair is different from general chemical fiber materials. Although these are usually used as raw materials for eyelashes because the curling degree and plasticity are not so good, the eyelashes made are not very curled, and they will not look so natural. But mink Mao can make up for this, it can be more curly and more natural.

  1. Glossy hair

The luster of natural hair is beyond the reach of chemical synthetic materials. Because the eyes are the most spiritual five senses, and the eyelashes are the soul of the eye, it is important that the eyelashes look real and natural.

Best Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale Vendors For Lashes

The above points are the reasons why some manufacturers choose mink hair as the raw material of eyelashes, but usually, the cost of mink hair is higher and the production process is relatively complicated. Therefore, high-end mink eyelashes are more expensive than similar eyelashes.

Manufacturer of High-Quality 3D Mink Lashes

Are you looking for a manufacturer of High-Quality 3D Mink Lashes? Or do you own the 3D mink hair brand business? Want to make your eyelash business bigger?

YSLLashes is 3D Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors and 20mm mink lashes wholesale, 25mm lashes vendors Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer. YSLLashes Eyelash Factory is the largest manufacturer and exporter of eyelash extensions and ribbon mink eyelashes in China. Exporting professional Wholesale Mink Lashes and 25mm Lashes and eyelash packaging, Lash Packaging Boxes, eyelash packaging box to the USA.

Are you looking for Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors? YSL Lashes is your best choice. We are a professional handcrafted Mink Eyelash Vendors, engaging in Mink Lashes Wholesale business for 10 years. We Have already successfully helped more than 2000 eyelash entrepreneurs start wholesale mink lashes business in the USA.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale Lash Vendors

We are a professional handcraft High-Quality 3D Mink Lashes Mink Eyelash Vendors and Wholesale Mink Lashes manufacturer business 10 Years’ time. We Have already Successfully Helped Two Thousand Eyelash Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Eyelash Business in the USA.

Our Mink Eyelash Manufacturer Have Own 20mm mink lashes vendor and wholesale 25mm mink Strip Lashes new design Term Mink Eyelash Quality control department, wholesale mink eyelashes vendors after-sales service Terms.
Ysllashes product knowledge

Stay At Home Together

Stay at home, is the best way to isolate the virus.

Stay at home, inadvertently found the most beautiful, the happiest is by the side … Turn around and suddenly found that birds are coming, butterflies are coming, bees are coming. .. come naturally …

Stay at home, and found that he is not alone. Meimei appeared in front of the camera of the mobile phone, sharing happiness with the people around him at any time, sharing happiness …

Stay at home, only to find that my heart can sink down, to relive my life carefully, to reflect on myself …

Stay at home, found that the original will not do, you can calm down to add your own shortboard, taxiing is to take off higher …

Stay at home, we are grateful, thank everyone we meet in life, everyone’s presence is moisturizing our growth …
Stay at home, let nature be quiet, let yourself be quiet …

YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Private Label loves nature and admires natural beauty. Just as YSLLashes 3d Mink Lash Wholesale Vendors treat our products, YSLLashes Best Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors like natural raw materials, like pure hand-made natural, and strive to chase the natural beauty of products, from the inside out …

The product is unique, countless people are copying it, but no one has surpassed it so far. Many people provide cheap products to customers in pursuit of benefits, but they find that consumers can still find Kainasi and natural products. .. we are intimate with our consumers…

YSLLashes Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors pursue harmony with nature and believes that only by loving nature can natural products be produced…

Stay At home together, is to get closer to nature …

Beauty makes your mood more beautiful-YSLLashes

Beauty makes your mood more beautiful-YSLLashes Eyelashes will give you a painless feeling

YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale 3d Mink Lashes Just For You.

Hi, beautiful girls. Because of the epidemic, have you all been isolated at home? During the period of the epidemic, the progress of various industries around the world has been affected to varying degrees, as is the Mink Lashes Wholesale industry. But we do n’t have to worry, let alone panic. In any case, these will pass.

YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale reminds you to have a good mood is the most important. A good attitude will help you strengthen your immunity and get through the difficulties smoothly!

Even if we stay at home all the time, we cannot go out to socialize. Then we still have to organize ourselves.

Come follow me and imagine that you are now sitting in front of the mirror and picking up your cosmetics. Then leisurely painted a beautiful makeup.

Then take out your beloved 3d Mink Lashes Just For You and wear a pair of Mink Lashes 3d for yourself. At this moment your mood is completely different from before makeup. Confident, beautiful, and generous are now around you. Especially 3d Real Mink Lashes can make your whole person shiny.

We should face ourselves confidently and face the world! When we treat the world with beauty and tenderness, I believe we will get a more beautiful world! Come on!

YSL Lashes just focus on the luxury mink lashes, and each one is the popular one, and you can add whatsapp008616678608908 to get the affordable luxury mink lashes.

More Information for False Eyelash-2

More Information for More 3D Mink Individual Lashes

Customize Your 3d Mink Individual Lashes

Keep in mind 3d Mink Individual Lashes are made in a one-size-fits-all strategy, and that means you will probably wish to cut the length to accommodate your appearance. This can be a customized strategy that can help make them seem natural.

An alternative will be to work with individual lashes. Individual lashes are bunches that are little where you select which you can put.

Usually, the 3d Mink Individual Lashes are extremely flexible, which suggests they hold curl rather nicely. They have a vibrant, lustrous dark color and curled. It’s possible for you to add your chosen mascara to permit the false lashes to mix along with your natural lashes, providing you with an appearance that is perfect.

Making the Selection

Allowed there are a large number of Fake eyelash choices today such as artificial, silk, and mink. Together with the substitute for utilizing individual eyelashes, consumers receive complete freedom to produce the look they need. Pick the merchandise which is constructed with a natural mink pelt. That is 100% and is additionally not dangerous to use.

Here is the finest that you could possibly get if you’re going for that natural appearance that is 100%. Mink is loved by a lot of folks since they give them complete, downy eyelashes and seem so natural.

Genuine Best Mink Lashes come from either the Siberian Mink the Mink tail or the Mink lashes.


Mink lashes are soft and quite light, making them a more comfortable selection over silk lashes. And possess a natural appearance that is downy.

They can continue just a little longer than silk and frequently include a perm but will set you back a lot more.


To put it differently, you retouched and constantly anticipate keeping them.
In the event that you would like a more natural-appearing lash. You simply can apply mascara to improve, subsequently Faux. And Mink ought to be your first pick.

Fibers Vs. Mink lashes: Which is Better for Lush Lashes?

More Information for False Eyelash-1

More information for false eyelash

A false eyelash has been for a significant number of years regarded as exceptional. and trouble-free way of improving attractiveness.

The top of these items will make the eyes appear considerably more wonderful. They are able to also lift the eyes, which empowers them to seem more delightful and infinitely considerably larger.

However, not all kinds of supplementary eyelashes which are now accessible to the marketplace. May have the ability to offer these advantages. Thus, you constantly need to definitely ascertain only which varieties can allow your appearances to considerably enhance as you want. This can be the area where mink eyelashes come to the image.

The person lashes are created from genuine mink pelt, so the color has that rich natural appearance to it. Once implemented, the lashes are designed to appear just like yours but thicker, healthier, and longer than in the past. This makes them lots of and quite popular with women go for this.

The mink pelt is chosen in the tail of the creature, and the Chinese mink can be used. Be looking for mink eyelash which can be marked as cruelty-free. This helps to ensure that the mink false eyelash that you’re buying are sourced in this manner that is moral.