Some Fast Questions Need To Know Before Starting Your Eyelash Business

Q1:What’s the price of your eyelashes? A: Dear, we have many different styles and lengths of lashes, and their prices are all different, and the amount you buy also affects the price. If you are just starting your eyelash business, I recommended you choose the most popular length and style. If you are interested in […]

The sample is representative of the quality

In this era of global information integration. Online shopping has become an indispensable demand in people’s lives. While online shopping brings convenience, it also brings some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that the quality of the product cannot be determined. It is easy to deceive consumers. Trust in online shopping is also getting lower. Recently, some customers […]

ysllashes 3d style mink lashes wholesale

Why are all 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes on the market? Still, have customers choose short 3d Mink Natural Lashes? First of all, all of us who do eyelashes business know that 3d mink lashes, as the earliest appearance, can display different levels of mink lashes. The market share has always been the largest. It […]

Four Ways To Wear Mink Eyelashes

As any eyelash fan out there knows, wear mink Eyelashes are one of the most important parts of your eyelashes. Do you know what to do with your eyelashes? Single tufted false eyelashes Single tufted false eyelash is divided into a small tuft of false eyelashes, 3 to 5 are a tuft of False Eyelashes, […]

Apply Mink Strip Lashes to Meet Client Requirements

Mink Strip Lashes can be used to enhance any makeup but they are especially suitable for evening and photographic applications. Before applying lashes it is important to discuss with the client the effect she wishes to create, be it subtle or dramatic. Remember this treatment will require a patch test for the adhesive. A check for […]

Why do we give you eyelashes business advice?

Why do we give you mink eyelashes business advice? Some time ago, our Hunan TV broadcast a variety show called Chinese restaurant. Because of this show, Chinese artist Huang Xiaoming has gained popularity with a very straight man’s language. What was the sentence that came out of Huang Xiaoming’s mouth? I don’t want you to […]

Common questions and answers about the eyelash business–2

Today we still collect some questions about the Mink Eyelash Business, to answer them. If you happen to need more information about the eyelash business, keep watching. What is mink? YSL Lashes are made from 100% natural sterilized mink fur. Cruelty-free, our mink lashes hair is harvested during the mink animal’s natural shedding season. We do […]

Mink Lashes Manufacturer and Wholesaler “Why” Choose YSL Lashes

YSL Lashes is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for quality eyelashes, mink lash, and 3D mink lashes. We are a large enterprise integrating eyelashes design, production, and international trade export. Our Design: We insist on the original design, and never copy others. We have been designing and innovating constantly. Our mink lashes design is leading […]

How to make your eyes beautiful?

Make big-eye dolls with false eyelashes. How to brush, the eyelash is always not long enough to curl? False eyelashes are your salvation! It’s not a dream to wear all kinds of eyelashes like changing clothes! First use three paragraph clip method to clip the eyelash out radian, lest with false eyelash the radian cannot […]

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