Frequently asked questions and answers 4

Today we bring you more questions of interest to our customers. These questions are about the wearing process after receiving 3D Mink Lashes. If you are wondering about these questions, please bookmark our blog!

How to remove the eyelashes from the tray?

From the end of the eyelashes, hold the eyeliner and gently remove the eyelashes from the outside. Never pinch your hair

Can I wear my own eyelashes?

This is completely operational and saves time for going to the beauty salon.
Step 1: Hold the excess eyeliner of the eyelashes with pointed tweezers and carefully remove them.
Step 2: Align your eyeliner and cut off the extra parts
Step 3: Apply glue to the eyeliner and dry.
The fourth part: use the curved tweezers to clamp the hair part first to stick the middle, then stick the inside, and finally stick the outside. That’s it.

Can I use eyelashes to make eye makeup? Does the eyelash band affect my makeup?

Wearing false eyelashes does not affect your makeup. On the contrary, 3D mink eyelashes with black eyeliner will make your already drawn eyeliner more solid. You don’t have to draw eyeliner, black eyeliner correction eye will enlarge your eyes!25mm Mink Lashes Model Show -1

Can we wear eyelashes without mascara?

Our unique setting technology makes the mink false eyelash hair show different curvature and curve, unlike the silk eyelash, which has only one curvature. Therefore, we don’t need to use mascara after taking 3D mink lashes. 

How long will they last with false eyelashes?

Our glue is natural, pollution-free, odorless, strong, and will not shed tears and lose viscosity. You can stick to the eyelashes for 24 hours without taking them off, but we suggest you take off your eyelashes before you go to bed. Our eyelashes and skin are oily, which will gradually reduce the adhesion. Give your eyes a break.

Can your eyelashes be reused?

If our eyelashes are carefully protected, they can be used 20-25 times. Our eyelash glue is patented, soft and durable, not easy to break, you can rest assured to use!

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Frequently asked questions and answers 1

These days, YSL Lashes Supplier in order to improve our service business, improve our service level. We have simply collected the questions about 3d mink lashes raised by the client recently. Answer the following questions.

What are mink eyelashes?

Mink Hair False Eyelash is to be raw material with mink hair, according to the design of stylish pure manual one root places come out, classics high-tech finalize the design and the mink eyelash of natural clever that production comes out.

What is 3D mink lashes?

In fact, no matter in the picture of YSL Lashes supplier or in our video, you can see that no eyelash hair in YSL Lashes 3D Mink Lashes is in the same curvature. From every angle, you can see eyelashes with different curl degrees. We call this kind of eyelashes 3D mink Lashes.

The inspiration for 3D eyelashes comes from the natural phenomenon that no leaf or petal is the same in the world. But it is all these differences that create the incomparable beauty of nature.

How mink lashes are made?

Mink eyelash is made purely by hand, the worker communicates with the designer before doing, grasp the designer’s thought accurately, according to the drawing that the designer comes out, use tweezers to clip the hair one root to put up, each pair of eyelashes contains the designer’s thought, the wisdom of the worker. It is the art of the soul, a team of heart to create beauty…

Where do mink lashes come from?

The raw material for our eyelashes is 100% mink, which is naturally lost from the tail of a young Siberian mink aged 1-2.

Can mink lashes be cruelty-free?

Our mink hair is gently combed by the workers with a comb every day to collect the hair that falls off naturally, and then the workers select the hair with the peak of hair and then sterilize it with high temperature without killing.

What are 5d mink lashes?

5D mink eyelashes are Double-layered Mink Lashes, thicker, and more curved. More exaggerated.

Dear eyelash customer, if you have any questions about eyelashes. Welcome to ask questions, YSL Lashes supplier will do our best to solve your problems for you.

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