What can a good eyelash box bring you?

A unique eyelash packaging box is essential for eyelash box wholesalers. Many customers who are not very familiar with mink lashes usually judge whether they need attention based on the appearance they see at first glance. It will bring you endless mink lash customers! Let customers like the eyelash storage case bulk with your LOGO at first sight is the key to success!

Pink Quicksand magnetic Rectangular Eyelash Packaging box With Window

Pink Quicksand magnetic Rectangular Eyelash Packaging box With Window

Blue Cartoon Characters Lash woods Flip Top Cardboard Eyelash Box

Blue Cartoon Characters Lash woods Flip Top Cardboard Eyelash Box

Why eyelash box is important

Eyelash storage box from quality eyelash packaging manufacturers can attract customers’ attention. The lash packaging box with the lash logo will bring you more fan flow. Stimulate customers’ desire to buy, thereby promoting the sales of false lashes!

Attract eyelash customers
The custom lash box of the product is like the jacket of the product. Just like when we see a person, the first thing we see is his clothes. When we see a product, we are also attracted by its appearance. The new customized lash boxes can improve the product grade. The eyelash box has exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite design, which can well reflect the uniqueness of the product and attract mink eyelashes customers.

Custom Logo Printing Lash Cases Packaging

Custom Logo Printing Lash Cases Packaging

Black Labeling Lash Box Custom Design

Black Labeling Lash Box Custom Design

Added value to lash customers
A good lash packaging can show sincerity and bring warmth to customers. Even if it is a valuable gift, a simple individual lash packaging box will reduce its value. It not only increases the value of attracting people’s desire to buy, but also makes customers feel the warmth of their hearts due to our sincere service. Regardless of the product, we hope that your cooperation with us is the beginning of change.

Custom Magnetic Flap Luxury Eyelash Packaging Private Label Box With Mirror

Custom Magnetic Flap Luxury Eyelash Packaging Private Label Box With Mirror

Rectangular Drawer Lashes Boxes Wholesale

Rectangular Drawer Lashes Boxes Wholesale

Eyelash corporate promotion
Custom eyelash packaging boxes can play a very good role in promoting corporate publicity. When a person is surrounded by products with your eyelash LOGO, she will pay more attention to your mink lashes.

glitter Cartoon Characters Rectangular magnetic Cardboard lashes case

Glitter Cartoon Characters Rectangular Magnetic Cardboard Lashes Case

Custom Magnetic Flap luxury false eyelash packaging Private Label box with mirror  121x65x25 , 40.5g (1)

Custom Magnetic Flap luxury false eyelash packaging Private Label box

Eyelash brand recognition.
When customers consume, they will form rough or vague impressions in their hearts. If your eyelash cases are excellent, then customers will first think of your lash brand, and then establish a sense of intimacy and trust. This is a good opportunity to buy beautiful eyelashes again.

Custom Magnetic Flap Luxury Eyelash Packaging Private Label Box With Mirror

Custom Labeling Lash Packaging Cases

Custom Magnetic Flap Luxury Eyelash Packaging Private Label Box With Mirror

Lash Gift Boxes with Custom Logo Luxury Lash Boxes Design

YSLLashes will provide you with a full range of services and hope you will become the most successful person in the eyelash market. Help you chase your dreams!

Contact us now for more details!

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Wholesale mink eyelashes & eyelash packaging

Everyone wants to have a unique and beautiful eyelashes, comfortable mink eyelashes are their first choice.

For mink eyelash suppliers who want to establish their own brand, it is necessary to provide an impressive custom eyelash set to release their mink eyelashes.

With the huge demand for mink eyelashes growing in the market, exquisite customized eyelash packaging boxes are becoming more and more popular in the market.

3D Mink eyelashes usually need to be packaged in Labeling Eyelash Packaging Boxes because they can easily wrinkle or become damaged.

We will list several popular customized lashes packaging for reference.

1: Holographic eyelash box Holographic eyelash box Holographic eyelash box

Eyelash Packaging Eyelash Supplier Eyelash Packaging

Holographic eyelashes custom packaging

Give me your logo and eyelashes brand information, and our designers can help you customize your MInk lashes packaging box at any time.

Marble packing box Marble packing box

Marble Custom Eyelashes Packaging Box

If you don’t have a logo, please tell me your logo ideas and our designers will make a logo for you for free!

Lasheswoods Mink Lashes Packaging Wholesale

YSLLashes Mink Lashes Factory Wholesaler provides Custom Eyelash Packaging. We can customize a variety of Private Label Eyelash Packaging for you. Our designers can design the most beautiful DIY Lasheswoods Mink Lashes Packaging Bo for you!

With exquisite printing and various styles. YSLLashes 3d Mink Eyelashes Vendors quickly occupied the entire American market.

Our packaging factory is a manufacturer and supplier of custom printed Eyelash Packaging Boxes that are completely reliable. We can produce a variety of High-quality Custom Eyelashes Packaging with various styles and colors and can with your logo or brand name.

We are a professional Eyelash Box Supplier, our eyelash sample packaging box, Lasheswoods Mink Lashes Packaging Box. You can choose different colors of packaging boxes, and we can provide a private label for you.

Eyelash Cases Wholesale Lashes Empty Case Packaging Custom LOGO

Make your logo and brand name minimized Scale down, put it into the eyesight catching position. So the case is clear, easy to look into, warmly welcomed by the customers. These Boxes Can Put your logo or brand name on the Box Production Time within 5-7 workdays finished !!!!

We are professional lash box vendors, we have many styles of Luxury Eyelash Packaging Boxes With Perfect Quality! The 146 styles Eyelash Packaging Boxes Can be Custom Your Private Label!

These mink eyelashes can be packaged with your own Eyelash Private Label and Own brand Custom Lash Boxes. We sincerely hope to serve all the customers who are interested in our Mink Lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Box and Case.

LashWoods Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale With Logo

Due to the huge demand in the 3d Mink Eyelash market, Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes are becoming more and more popular in the market. Mink eyelashes usually need to be packed in a custom eyelash holder case because they are easily crumpled or damaged. So people want to have beautiful eyelashes packaging.

If you would like to customize eyelash packaging, please click the link below. Contact us to get a good price.

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor Free Eyelashes Packaging

Are you still worried that you don’t have the budget to buy an eyelash wrapper? Don’t worry, YSLLashes free eyelashes packaging is coming.

YSLLashes is a professional and high-quality Eyelash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging Wholesale. It is recognized that The Best 3D Eyelash Vendors can not only be product quality can, but also should be more for the sake of customers, put the interests of customers in the first place, but also innovate according to the needs of customers.

That’s what a Good Eyelash Supplier should do. If you’re thinking that you have the budget to buy eyelashes but can’t afford to buy custom eyelash packaging, where can you get Free Eyelashes Packaging? YSLLashes is the right choice.

Recently because of considering many retailers in the United States wants to buy but don’t want to Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes. If so, then, your eyelashes, there are no good decorations, there is no good adornment is like a beautiful young girl to a big party in plain clothes not beautiful evening dress is the same, even if again beautiful also won’t win the praise. So YSLLashes has the Free Eyelashes Packaging you want most. I’m sure you’ll like it.

If you just want to buy more than 50 pairs of Mink Lashes, you don’t have to pay for the extra packaging at all, we can give you 50 beautiful cardboard boxes for FREE.

If you just want to buy Cheap Mink Lashes Boxes. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, with your logo. You can consult me, Tell me all the information you need. I can give you a better wholesale price, wow, what a great price!

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Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

Are you looking for a Custom Eyelash Packaging Box with the best price? With so many Mink Lashes Distributors on the Internet, which eyelash company is more trustworthy? Can you rest assured to buy reliable Eyelash Storage Case Wholesale? Are you still worried about these issues? Congratulations,Encountered YSLLashes 3d Mink Eyelashes Vendors!

YSLLashes is your best choice for making Custom Eyelash Packaging Box. YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale only provides the best quality custom eyelash boxes.

We can provide you with the most advanced printing process and the best packaging design. The exquisite Wholesale Mink Lash Boxes can make your eyelashes more attractive than other ordinary eyelash packaging. Eyelash packaging made by YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale is your first choice for starting eyelash business.

YSLLashes is affordable for all small eyelash companies and large companies. However, does not mean that we will cut corners on the quality and craftsmanship of the Eyelash Packaging box. We will make every package of eyelashes carefully, and carefully check all products before shipping.

YSLLashes can help you choose a color scheme, design, and printing technology. Our company also provides free design assistance. We can help you improve the appearance of your Custom Eyelash Packaging Box and let them occupy a bigger position in the market.

Finally, the best packaging companies have a more important feature. We can later provide personalized services for customers to print their trademarks. Using Logo printing on the customer’s customized eyelash packaging box can facilitate customers to promote their eyelash brand on the market.

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A new idea about eyelash packing box

Many clients come to me to find out how to create a unique shape eyelash packing box to make their own eyelash box unique.

I find that the way you think about it is to think about how to make a fundamental change in the box, especially in the shape, so let’s think about the box shapes that are commonly used in the market: rectangles, squares, circles, polygons, hearts and so on.

Don’t most eyelash packing box designs come from the middle of these shapes? It’s not that we can’t but it takes a lot of time to create a new box. Why don’t we stop, instead of innovating from the box shape, and start reinventing ourselves from the box?

Recently, I had a client come to me to customize the ribbon. I said, why do you suddenly customize the ribbon? Then she showed me a picture that we can use the ribbon tie a knot in the box, the orchid buckle and so on, so that though we used to box, but seems to have walked from the outside different feeling, so can not only give our customers fresh, also can give us left a lot of budgets. Why not?

After listening to my client’s presentation, I suddenly realized that change does not necessarily involve the whole picture. In fact, a little preparation for the details can be added to the cake. It occurred to me that we could also customize a bag for the box, attach customized stickers to the box, and design a signature unique to the customer.

In fact, you can also have many ideas, so you see this blog, do you have other better ideas? Please write down your ideas in the comments section.

Cooperation and Development with YSLLashes-1

YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor Stable Eyelash Supply Chain

I already have an eyelash supplier. We have been working together for many years. How are you better than him?

YSL Lashes Mink Lashes supplier can provide you with the most stable eyelash supply chain. Every supplier has its own characteristics, I think YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale do our best in the industry, it should be good for our boutique team. Excellent workers, excellent designers, excellent market service personnel, excellent logistics service personnel, we are doing things with heart. Use wisdom to complete each pair of false eyelashes. Let each person’s eyes express your unique soul… This is the other supplier forever Can’t do it.

What is your output? What big brands are available for delivery?

Our factory was established in 2011 and has trained nearly 100 outstanding workers. We strive for excellence in the requirements of the workers. Every worker is carefully selected. They love hand-made, patient, and beautiful. In order to keep the eyelashes moving, our eyelashes are handmade, with a monthly output of 30,000, 0 pairs. High-end goods are available in sufficient quantities.

The Mink Lashes of bristles have sprouted since 2011, and now LILLY LASHES, VELOUR, ESQIDO LASHES, HUDA LASHES, BJ LASHES, TURQUOISE LASHES, RMOOSH LASHES … All cooperated with YSL Lashes Mink Lashes Vendor and get the valuable market opportunities of the market and get rapid development.

How to guarantee my sales?

We can guarantee the quality of the Mink Lashes, of course, you can also guarantee your sales. But only if you have to encounter problems and ask our marketing staff to solve the problem of end customers together. We are a team and never worry about bad goods, bad sales channels, too expensive. We have already encountered the problems you have encountered. We have experience and are willing to share experiences. If good products do not sell out is their own problem, not others. We are willing to be your strongest backing. Work with you to seek common development.

I want to see the effect, can I send a free sample?

Each of our samples is a boutique and valuable. We don’t have free samples. If you are interested, please focus on with my website, forward my website, we can send a pair for free, you only need to pay the freight. YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor Stable Eyelash Supply Chain.

What is the MOQ? Do I have to deliver in large quantities for a few days? Or can I just have 10 pairs of eyelashes?

There is no MOQ for our Mink Eyelashes, We hope that every person who loves beauty has the financial ability to bring our mink lashes, promote word-of-mouth, increase product recognition, and help you sell products better.

If you want to order large quantities, it usually takes 10-15 days to deliver. You must first tell me the quantity and look at the factory’s order period. You know that good product is always in short supply.

Regarding the delivery time of 10 pairs of eyelashes, we have enough stocks for the best-selling styles, usually 24 hours delivery. What do you want? Contact me, talk in detail. . . .

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