Can You Guarantee The Accuracy Of The Delivery Time?

For merchants, time is money, and guarantee the accuracy of the delivery time is the most basic. If your supplier does not deliver within the specified time, then he is an unreliable Eyelash Manufacturer. For any situation that may happen, customers should be informed in advance.

Some customers said: “I ordered a lot of Mink Eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes from other suppliers, but after the payment was completed, they told me that the production time was up to a month. This news is fatal to me, my customers Can’t wait so long.” Some customers said, “I want to order a batch of samples before bulk ordering boxes. Other suppliers told me that because my order is a small order, they have to give priority to mass orders.” It makes me very frustrated.

Environmental protection eyelash packaging box

So when many customers find me, the first question they ask is “Can you guarantee the accuracy of the delivery time?”

YSL LASHES guess you must have encountered the same problem, right? However, YSL LASHES can assure you. We are a professional supplier of high-quality 3D mink mascara and high-quality eyelashes. We must treat all customers fairly and try our best to help them, so please don’t worry!

custom eyelash packaging

If your order only contains eyelashes, our logistics staff will arrange the delivery for you immediately after receiving the order, and you will receive the courier number the next day, and you can check the status of your package at any time. So don’t worry that we will ignore it because your order is small. We are fair to all of our customers. If your order includes eyelash packaging box, we need to arrange the factory to produce for you.

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

Why Girls Are More Obsessed With Mink Eyelashes?

Most girls are trying to make themselves look beautiful and charming, and they do their best to make themselves look great. The first step starts with the eyes. The eyes are the most important part of the human body. It is the window of the soul. The more attractive the eyes, the more beautiful the appearance of the face will be. Therefore, choosing the right eyelashes is crucial, which is why girls are so obsessed with Best Mink Lashes.

Mink Eyelashes Light Weight

Best Mink lashes are made of mink skin. Therefore, they are very light and can be worn for a long time without causing damage to the skin tissue around the eyes. If the weight of the eyelashes exceeds the range that the eye tissue can bear, it will accelerate the aging of broken skin, which is fatal for girls who love beauty. Therefore, light mink eyelashes are the best choice for girls who love beauty.

Environmental protection eyelash packaging box

Soft Enough

Mink Eyelashes are very soft, which is another big advantage of using this type of eyelashes. Mink eyelashes look very natural and are not as rigid as chemical fiber eyelashes. They are suitable for any type of face. Therefore, anyone can wear it. It looks like our own eyelashes.

Can Be Reused Many Times

Compared with other false eyelashes, Best Mink Lashes can be reused more often. A pair of eyelashes will last a long time if used and cared for properly. And even if it is rubbed violently, it will not hurt. It is also very convenient to clean, just soak it in clean water for a few minutes, dry it with a paper towel or blow it dry with a hair dryer.

YSL Lashes is a Profesional Mink Lash Venors , Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging. Our Factory located in Qingdao China, we are the largest Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Factory In USA. YSL Lashes specialize in 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale and regular Mink Lashes. In addition, we also provide Custom Eyelash Packaging , Eyelash Glues, Lash Tweezers, and Lash Brushes. If you have any needs, you can contact me at any time. My Whatsapp: +8617561687029.

Why Can’t You Receive Good Customer Feedback?

When you are ready to Start Your Own Eyelash Business and look for a suitable supplier, what issues do you usually care about? “What is the supplier’s inventory?” “How long does the shipping time take?” “Is there any good customer feedback I can check?” Do you feel relieved after seeing customer feedback? Yes, everyone believes you only after seeing the evidence.

Then some customers will ask: “Why can’t I receive customer feedback” Today, I will tell you Why Can’t You Receive Good Customer Feedback.

Your Product Quality Is Not Good Enough

Honey, when you Wholesale Mink Eyelashes, do you just want to buy the most eyelashes with the least amount of money to maximize your benefits? Have you overlooked the quality of the eyelashes you buy? Please don’t forget at any time, only high-quality products will win the trust of customers. Why we can receive so many customer feedback, it is precisely because our product quality is good enough.

If you buy low-quality eyelashes, your customers will stab their eyes after wearing them, and they will completely lose trust in you, let alone provide you with customer feedback. You may receive a lot of bad reviews. What a terrible thing this is, it will ruin your eyelash career.

Bad Customer Service

The eyelash business not only needs the support of a steady stream of new customers, but also the return orders from old customers. So how do new customers become old customers? Not only depends on the quality of your products, your service also plays a very important role. Your careful and thoughtful service to your customers can be felt. Through your service, the customer knows that you are a trustworthy supplier, so she will not easily replace you.

You should treat your customer as a friend, not when your customer completes the order, you completely forget her, and you don’t even answer her questions. This attitude is completely wrong! Your customers will be completely disappointed in you. Not only can it not provide you with good customer feedback. On the contrary, you will lose a customer.

Where To Find The Best Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor?

Whether you are new to the eyelash industry or have been in the eyelash industry for a while, you should know that finding a good Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor is crucial to your eyelash business. I have emphasized this point many times in previous blogs. But do you know how to find a quality eyelash supplier? As the Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors with more than 12 years of eyelash business experience, YSL Lashes is willing to tell you how to find a good eyelash supplier and where to find it!

1.Google Search

As we all know, Google is the world’s largest Internet search engine. You must acknowledge its authority and universality. If you want to find a good eyelash supplier through Google. You can do this by searching keywords. For example, you can enter “eyelash suppliers” in the search box, and then you will get a very specific and detailed list of eyelash suppliers. You can browse their website to get information, if it’s the supplier you want to find, you can get in touch with them by leaving a message on the background of the website or in a Whatsapp dialogue.


Alibaba International Station is also a very important platform for import and export trade. Many professional suppliers will open stores on Alibaba and upload products. You can also find good eyelash suppliers by searching for keywords. And it’s worth noting that Alibaba will launch a variety of activities during the holiday season, with great discounts, which will save you a lot of money.

3. Youtube

If Google focuses on showing its products through pictures and copywriting, then Youtube will show it through videos. The video display is more intuitive and you can clearly see the quality of the product. If you want to find a professional wholesale mink lash vendor, You can find out by browsing high-quality videos on Youtube. You can clearly see that your eyelash supplier provides you with the highest quality Mink Eyelashes and various creative style Eyelash Packaging Boxes!

The above several ways to find high-quality mink lash vendors are relatively authoritative. Of course, other social media can also be found, but they are rather messy, so do not introduce too much. If you have other questions that need consultation, please feel free to contact me. My Whatsapp: +8617561687029

When Is The Best Selling Season For Mink Eyelash?

Many people want to start their own eyelash business, they want to Succeed Through The Eyelash Business, but they don’t know when is the best time to start the eyelash business, for this reason they missed the best time to make money! Today I will tell you when is the best selling season for mink eyelash.

Every March Of The Year

We have been engaged in Wholesale Mink Eyelashes for more than 12 years. We have a wealth of experience. Through each quarter’s sales, it is not difficult to see and know when our customers have the most money and like to spend money the most. let me tell you. First of all, March is the annual sales season. Because people are relatively wealthy and due to policy reasons, most people have tax refunds in their hands. They want to buy eyelashes to make themselves more beautiful!

Environmental protection eyelash packaging box

Early Holidays

Early holidays. There are festivals every year, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Everyone will choose to give some special gifts to important people on the day of the holiday, so a large number of people will buy eyelashes before the holiday. Some people will advance a week, a month or even two months. Of course, Valentine’s Day is coming. Too many people expect to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day and also hope that important people receive gifts prepared by themselves, so a new round of sales season is coming soon, are you ready?

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

In fact, as long as your eyelashes are of good quality, every day is the best season to sell eyelashes. Do you know why? Because eyelashes are essential in our daily life. Our makeup may change with our mood, which requires the assistance of different styles of eyelashes, so every day is the best season to sell eyelashes.

YSL Lashes is a Eyelash Vendors Wholesale and Custom Eyelash Packaging manufacture in China. We have our own factory. We specialize in handmade 3D mink lashes, including 25mm Mink Eyelashes, 16mm mink eyelashes, 20mm mink eyelashes and 22mm mink eyelashes.We also produce custom eyelash packaging, glue and tweezers.If you are looking for eyelash vendors, we are the best choice for you!

More Information for False Eyelash-1

More information for false eyelash

A false eyelash has been for a significant number of years regarded as exceptional. and trouble-free way of improving attractiveness.

The top of these items will make the eyes appear considerably more wonderful. They are able to also lift the eyes, which empowers them to seem more delightful and infinitely considerably larger.

However, not all kinds of supplementary eyelashes which are now accessible to the marketplace. May have the ability to offer these advantages. Thus, you constantly need to definitely ascertain only which varieties can allow your appearances to considerably enhance as you want. This can be the area where mink eyelashes come to the image.

The person lashes are created from genuine mink pelt, so the color has that rich natural appearance to it. Once implemented, the lashes are designed to appear just like yours but thicker, healthier, and longer than in the past. This makes them lots of and quite popular with women go for this.

The mink pelt is chosen in the tail of the creature, and the Chinese mink can be used. Be looking for mink eyelash which can be marked as cruelty-free. This helps to ensure that the mink false eyelash that you’re buying are sourced in this manner that is moral.

Tips Of Buying False Lashes

When it comes to buying makeup, price has nothing to do with the quality. Expensive doesn’t inherently mean better, and false lashes are no exception to that rule! There are excellent options available at the drugstore. And online for a fraction of the price of department or specialty store lashes. But no matter where you buy your lashes, there are a few things to consider.

Human hair or mink hair? Some people prefer human hair lashes .But the mink false lashes are really just as lovely and soft. Buy a few variations in your budget and see what you like best.

The width of your eye plays a big part in the lashes you choose. The longer your lash line, the less likely demi lashes will fit. If you have a smaller your lash line, you’ll probably have to trim the standard size lash strips.

False lashes come with different types of strips. For instance, some find “invisible strips” (which are very thin and don’t have a dense amount of lashes) more comfortable. In general, the thinner the strip the more imperceptible it will feel and more natural it will look.

Strips that are very black, thick, with dense lash hair have a more noticeable feel (which can be slightly uncomfortable).But in tradeoff, they offer a far more dramatic look.

Shape matters! False eyelashes come in all different shapes and sizes, but choosing those that mimic your natural eye curvature will look more natural and be easier to put on.

Lashes that have the most length in the middle of the strip create a more natural shape. Lashes that have the hair shorter in the front and longer in the back create a bit of a more dramatic cat eye. The lashes that have full, thick lashes across the entire strip are very noticeable—not the most natural look for day to day, but outstanding for showing up in pictures!

Enlist the help of a makeup artist. If you’re really not sure where to start, a makeup artist from a cosmetic line selling false lashes can show you different lash options and teach you how to apply them.

Choosing the glue is important. If you are allergic to latex, a latex-free version is crucial. There are also different colors, including white, clear, and black glues. The white and clear options dry perfectly clear, whereas the black eyelash glue stays black. Keep in mind black glue offers less room for error because if you mess up, it is very difficult to remove and correct without disturbing the rest of your eye makeup.

5 Reasons to Wear Eyelashes

1. False Eyelashes are Good for Your Natural Eyelashes

Aside from the impact on your look that it creates, falsies actually benefit your natural lashes. Unlike mascara that can make your lashes brittle and weak, false eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier.

MYTH:  False eyelashes can damage your natural lashes.

FACT: They do not. It requires the correct and proper application to ensure that your false eyelashes will not cause any sort of damage to your natural lashes. Of course, while wearing one, you need to be careful to not rub your eyes that may cause the lashes to be pulled–both the falsies and the natural ones.

2. Go for a Wear-Proof Makeup

During occasions when your emotions can be easily triggered, faux eyelashes can save you from getting your eyeliner or mascara streaked. This is especially useful when attending heartwarming occasions like weddings or when watching a tearjerking movie.

3. Find a Material that Suits You

Eyelashes come in variants–you’re sure to find the one that you most prefer wearing. Usually, the most popular materials used for false eyelashes are plastic, human hair, and mink hair. But if you are after achieving a realistic look, your best choice would be mink lashes.

4. Cruelty-Free Options are Available

You don’t even have to worry about not being eco-friendly when wearing falsies. In fact, if you really like mink false eyelashes without the guilt, Silk lashes follow a green approach to creating their lashes.

Did you know?  The mink hair that silk uses for their handcrafted eyelashes is harvested from a mink preservation area. This means that while they offer realistic false lashes, no mink was hurt in the process of its creation!

5. Give Your Look the Extra ‘Oomph’ 

On days when you need to be extra, you can rely on your false eyelashes to create an impact that is far greater when you’re wearing your usual makeup. With your falsies, you can easily be a head-turner when you want to!

Everything A Woman Must Know About Fake Eyelashes

What are False Eyelashes?

False Mink lashes are basically artificial lashes made out of human or synthetic hair that is glued to the eyelash area. Women use fake lashes to have fuller and thicker eyelashes. There are a lot of different kinds of false eyelashes.

The most basic and the most common kinds are:

Individual Eyelashes or Flared Eyelashes: These lashes are those that are usually applied in eyelash extensions. Individual lashes usually come pre-packed as clusters of hair. These individual eyelashes are then, one by one, glued in the places beside your natural eyelashes.

The perk of Individual Eyelashes is the fact that they look extremely natural. The individual lashes blend into the natural lashes. The negative side though is the fact that applying these lashes is such a tedious chore.

Usually when women want to have individual lashes to be attached to their eyes, they usually go to the salon and have a highly skilled esthetician do the treatment for them. These treatments usually cost a lot too; they usually range from $100 to $250.

Strip Fake Eyelashes: These types of eyelashes are the most common. You can find them at department stores and drug stores. Instead of having the lashes clumped together then place on the lash line individually, the lashes are packed as a strip.

This strip is also the part that is to be glued to the eyelash area. A lot of people feel that Strip False Mink Lashes are a whole lot more artificial-looking as compared to the individual lashes. However, it is also important to consider the fact that strip falsies are extremely affordable and are super easy to stick on.

What Kind of False Eyelash Adhesive Can Be Used?

There are different kinds of adhesives. Adhesives can be categorized according to the material used to make them. For example, liquid eyelash glues are in a liquid form and are one of the most difficult to remove*. Latex eyelash glues are the most common and the easiest to use since these do not dry immediately and can be removed by washing.

No need to tug at your falsies. Lastly, there is the cream eyelash glues. There are the most difficult to use since a tiny mistake can make your eyelashes look lumpy and unnatural.

Another category of eyelash glues is waterproof or no waterproof eyelash glues. Waterproof eyelash adhesives are extremely reliable. You can trust that your eyelashes will stay in place the entire night. However, by its very nature, waterproof eyelash glues are extremely stubborn and are difficult to remove.

The last classification of eyelash adhesives is clear versus dark eyelash adhesives. The dark eyelash adhesives are great cause they can go together with your mascara and your eyeliner which makes for a smoky look.

However, if you are not much an expert when it comes to eyelash glues, then it is best to stick with clear eyelash adhesives. The great thing about clear eyelash glues is the fact that you can make as many mistakes as you can but nobody can ever tell cause the glue leaves a clear and discreet film.

How Long One Can Continuously Wear False Eyelashes?

The general rule regarding continuous wearing of false eyelashes or to reuse eyelashes is to do what you want. A lot of women actually reuse their falsies. However, it is important to make sure that those lashes are clean. You can get eye infections from dirty falsies coming into contact with your eyes.

What If the False Eyelashes Partially Detach from the Ends?

The best adhesive to use in this situation would be dark eyelash adhesives since, the only thing you have to do is apply a spot of it on the detached end and they won’t leave an odd mark on your makeup. Some women remove* the eyelash strip entirely then just reapply it. Whatever you are comfortable with is best.

Is it Possible to Leave them on Overnight?

If you can tolerate the feeling of having false eyelashes on while you are sleeping then that’s your choice. The only thing you have to put into consideration is hygiene. Wearing a false eyelash that has been on your face for the whole day then wearing it to sleep will raise your chances of getting an eye infection since the false eyelash is dirty and probability of you accidentally rubbing the falsie into your eyes while you’re sleeping is extremely high. Also who wants to wake up with a falsie hanging from their cheek?

How to Make False Mink Lashes Look Natural?

According to Brett Freedman, a celebrity makeup artist, the trick to making false eyelashes look natural is to cut the false eyelash strip in such a way that it covers the center of your eye and the outer corner. Blending the natural eyelashes and the false eyelashes is should be the goal when using false eyelashes.

Also, always remember to run your lashes through an eyelash curler and apply mascara in such a way that the color and coat of the natural eyelashes and the falsie are of the same color.

Fibers Vs. Mink lashes: Which is Better for Lush Lashes?

When you think about brilliant makeup formulations that help us achieve nearly any look imaginable, it’s hard not to think first of the mink lashes, letting us get an eye-opening fringe and transforming our entire face in minutes. And with the introduction of eyelash fibers in the past decade, we have even more options for getting lush, full lashes. But don’t put away your falsies just yet! Fibers and the Mink lashes each serve a different purpose, and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. Don’t bat an eye before reading on.

Faux eyelashes

The Good

One, they look killer. Ever notice how mascara commercials always tout new formulas that can give you the “fake eyelash look?” That’s because there’s nothing that can beat the fuller, longer, thicker results you get using falsies. (In fact, as much as cosmetic companies deny it, those models you see in the mascara commercials are probably wearing them, too.)

Two, faux eyelashes are easy to apply once you get the hang of it. Many brands come with self-adhesive already built into the strip, which lets you press and forget. Plus, they’re affordable and reusable and good eye shape, with a variety of options that let you change up your look as often as you change your makeup. Choose individual lashes for a more natural look or choose colored falsies that make your eyes pop.

The Bad

Two words: eyelash glue. It’s messy, of course. And if you have sensitive eyes, adhesives could cause an adverse reaction or infection, which is why you should always test a dot of the glue near your eyebrow before applying falsies. Another downfall is that, while fake lashes look super dramatic, they can also look conspicuously fake, especially if one happens to fall out of place. Of course, big and proudly false could be the look you’re going for! Note: always remove lashes carefully, loosening the adhesive before pulling off, to help avoid pulling out some of your real hairs.

How to apply

Use our handy guide for the best way to apply false lashes. To sum it up, first, measure the length of each faux eyelashes and cut to fit your eye shape. Then take each edge and bend to form a C—this will help make the lashes more flexible to conform to your lash line. If there’s no self-adhesive built-in, add a very line thin line of glue with a toothpick. Wait 10 seconds and then apply the strip to the base of your lash line, directly over your own lashes. Apply mascara to set.


The Good

Extending lash fibers are the next best thing to naturally long and voluminous lashes. Not only do they look natural, but they’re easier to apply than faux lashes—and they don’t threaten to fall into your soup at dinner. Fibers, like mascara, come in a tube with a wand that allows you to apply them directly to your lashes. The synthetic fibers attach to lash tips, elongating your natural hairs and bulking up the spaces in between for volume.

Unlike salons that offer professional eyelash extensions which can be expensive and time-consuming, this temporary method lets you apply and wash off every day (see below). Plus, with more and more brands catching on to the trend, you can find affordable options; some drugstore versions go for less than $10, while prestige brands are about $20 and up.

The Bad

Lash fibers are very thin and can flake off easily, which means you could risk an infection if fibers invade your eye—those who wear contacts should probably save fibers for special occasions or avoid them altogether. As the day goes on, fibers can also fall onto your face or eyeglasses, and assuming they’re coated with mascara, you could be battling stray streaks by evening. The sometimes tacky consistency might also make your top and bottom lashes stick together especially in the inner and outer corners. Annoying. We suggesting testing out different products to find one that works for you.

How to apply

Some fiber products are essential mascaras with the fibers built right to apply these just as you would regular mascara. For systems with fibers in a separate tube, like Too Faced Better Than The Mink Lashes, there are a few steps. Curl your lashes and apply an activating base coat of mascara. Focus only on the upper lash line so you don’t get a spidery look. Next, apply the fibers to your lashes just like you would mascara; focus on the tips so the fibers can attach to your natural hairs, but also sweep from the base up to fill in gaps and build volume. Finish with another coat of mascara from the base up to cover your natural lashes and set the fibers.

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