How Many Ways To printing the logo?

Are You Looking for a best-priced Custom eyelash boxes with your own logo? Which company to trust for the purchasing of reliable eyelash packaging Boxes with your own logo? Now you are on the right page.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Many customers hope to receive eyelash packaging by printing the logo in a simple and quick way. So that they can start their eyelash business more quickly. Make more money fast.

So many customers will choose the existing eyelash packaging, or directly use plastic eyelash tray to print their eyelash LOGO. This way you can quickly start your own eyelash business.

Eyelash Packaging Custom Lash Boxes

The ways we make Mink Eyelash Packaging with logo.

Make stickers print the logo.

Make stickers to stick on the bottom tray. There are also two different ways to make stickers, common stickers, and transfer stickers. The cost of stickers is very low and we can make stickers in any color. Very convenient, you can get a lot of stickers logo for very little money. Then stick them on the packaging. But ordinary stickers don’t look luxurious. Transfer stickers can be made in a single color, but they look shiny and luxurious.

Hot stamping logo.

This is the most popular way to put a logo on the mink lashes boxes. It looks luxurious. no matter you want to hot stamp logo on the cardboard or the acrylic mink lashes case. Everything is ok!

CMYK printing the logo

YSLLashes mink Lashes wholesale factory has its own machine to the hot stamp logo. It will guarantee the delivery due.

Of course, If you have your own idea about the box of mink lashes, Tell us. Custom packaging is also available.

New suitcase packaging

New Suitcase Packaging Of Mink Lashes

In order to be able to better for each eyelash merchants to provide better products to attract more flow, our new Candy-colored Suitcase Packaging. So as to better sell their own Mink Eyelashes. Let oneself eyelash business more and more prosperous.

We are launching a new Mink Lashes Cases and they are very, very cute. Although this Mink Lashes packaging we only launched a few days, the reaction is really huge. YSL Mink Lashes Distributor has received many inquiries about this box.

This eyelash wrapper is the candy-colored eyelash mini suitcase below. They come in many colors, but now the market is giving feedback. The pink and yellow cases are the best selling.

This Customer Lash Packaging is made entirely of plastic. If you want to have your own logo, we can customize your unique box for you.

A suitable Eyelash Packaging can be very good to help you open the larger eyelash market. Attract more attention and your eyelashes will sell better.

This Different Types Eyelash Box comes in two models. The small package can hold two pairs of eyelashes, the large package can hold four pairs of eyelashes. You can also add glue and other Eyelash Accessories according to customers’ requirements.

We also have trays of the same size as Lashes Packaging Boxes, so you don’t need to worry about any problems with the boxes at all. If you are interested in this box, order it now.

A new idea about eyelash packing box

Many clients come to me to find out how to create a unique shape eyelash packing box to make their own eyelash box unique.

I find that the way you think about it is to think about how to make a fundamental change in the box, especially in the shape, so let’s think about the box shapes that are commonly used in the market: rectangles, squares, circles, polygons, hearts and so on.

Don’t most eyelash packing box designs come from the middle of these shapes? It’s not that we can’t but it takes a lot of time to create a new box. Why don’t we stop, instead of innovating from the box shape, and start reinventing ourselves from the box?

Recently, I had a client come to me to customize the ribbon. I said, why do you suddenly customize the ribbon? Then she showed me a picture that we can use the ribbon tie a knot in the box, the orchid buckle and so on, so that though we used to box, but seems to have walked from the outside different feeling, so can not only give our customers fresh, also can give us left a lot of budgets. Why not?

After listening to my client’s presentation, I suddenly realized that change does not necessarily involve the whole picture. In fact, a little preparation for the details can be added to the cake. It occurred to me that we could also customize a bag for the box, attach customized stickers to the box, and design a signature unique to the customer.

In fact, you can also have many ideas, so you see this blog, do you have other better ideas? Please write down your ideas in the comments section.