What Is The Advantage Of YSLLashes Mink Lashes 3d Wholesale?

What Is The Advantage Of YSLLashes Mink Lashes 3d Wholesale?

Do you know that The Best Mink Lashes are the crystallization of wisdom?

The best mink lashes wholesale with special “culture” is basic of mink lashes. We ask every worker must know the culture of our company. Only They know us can they produce the perfect mink eyelashes. For vegan, we have vegan lashes like faux eyelashes and silk eyelashes.

We are different from others, We improve quality not only through QC. but also improve the quality of workers .

Good pure hand made mink lashes are from people, Only The system of the company is healthy, can Luxury mink lashes be born…

Now YSLLashes Mink Lashes Vendors have become an integrated mink lashes wholesale company and becoming the most professional.

We have our own mink lashes design department, Mink lashes Technology development department, Workers training department, QC department,  HR department, Sales department, Delivery packing department. 

What Is The Advantage Of YSLLashes Mink Lashes 3d Wholesale
International Trading Department 3D Mink lashes wholesale

All the departments have clear responsibility management. which assure our mink lashes with high quality and let the mink lashes wholesale enjoy a better experience with YSLLashes Mink Lashes Factory!

Depending on our regular customer priority principle, Old customers will get our latest mink lashes styles for the first time to occupy the market.

After- sale service team is also the backing guarantee , we provide 7days refund money If there is quality problems.

Stay At Home Together

Stay at home, is the best way to isolate the virus.

Stay at home, inadvertently found the most beautiful, the happiest is by the side … Turn around and suddenly found that birds are coming, butterflies are coming, bees are coming. .. come naturally …

Stay at home, and found that he is not alone. Meimei appeared in front of the camera of the mobile phone, sharing happiness with the people around him at any time, sharing happiness …

Stay at home, only to find that my heart can sink down, to relive my life carefully, to reflect on myself …

Stay at home, found that the original will not do, you can calm down to add your own shortboard, taxiing is to take off higher …

Stay at home, we are grateful, thank everyone we meet in life, everyone’s presence is moisturizing our growth …
Stay at home, let nature be quiet, let yourself be quiet …

YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Private Label loves nature and admires natural beauty. Just as YSLLashes 3d Mink Lash Wholesale Vendors treat our products, YSLLashes Best Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors like natural raw materials, like pure hand-made natural, and strive to chase the natural beauty of products, from the inside out …

The product is unique, countless people are copying it, but no one has surpassed it so far. Many people provide cheap products to customers in pursuit of benefits, but they find that consumers can still find Kainasi and natural products. .. we are intimate with our consumers…

YSLLashes Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors pursue harmony with nature and believes that only by loving nature can natural products be produced…

Stay At home together, is to get closer to nature …

How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly!!!

How to Start an eyelash business eyelash with your private label!


Have you ever wanted to sell your own brand of quality mink eyelashes and 3D Mink Lashes? Have you ever wondered How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly? Come with me!!!

Have you ever wanted to find a reliable vendor to do your own business about 3D Mink Lashes?

Never miss choosing YSL Lashes, which is an experienced wholesaler and vendor for quality mink lashes.

Hope below guideline will be helpful for you:

1st step:

Please ask us for lashes catalog and price list, and choose the lashes category you want to run. We supply quality Regular mink lashes, 3D mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, and 25mm mink lashes.

2nd step:

In the catalog, there is No. for each style, choose your favorite eyelash styles and let us know the style No.

You also can send us your own lashes design, we can make a sample for you. Before you place the bulk order please start with the sample order to check the quality first. You also can place bulk orders directly.

MOQ for lashes sample is 10 pairs at least, which can be mixed with different styles.

3rd step:

Choose to package for sample order. We have free packaging and normal packaging without a logo to choose from. It is easy to start with this packaging for sample order because there is no quantity limit for them.

4th step:

After you confirmed the sample list. We will send you a bill for payment, you can settle payment by PayPal or Western. We will send the sample order to you by worldwide express shipping, after receipt of payment. Usually, for stock styles, we can send out in 1-2 days after payment. If there is no stock lead-time is 5-10 days.

5th step:

If you are satisfied with sample quality. You can start with small quantity orders with your private label packaging. We support to customize the packaging with your own logo or private label. MOQ for the customized box is 100 pieces.

6th Step:

After receipt of the initial orders from us, you can start with your business now!!

May you have a good business! We will be your sincere support!

Any Question My WhatsApp is Available: 

Cooperation and Development with YSLLashes-2

I want to customize a few mink eyelashes. Can I achieve exclusive sales in my state?

This is ok. Customize mink eyelashes styles must have a certain amount of order. To achieve exclusive sales, you need to sell 3,000 pairs per month. We will apply for copyright and protect your exclusive sales.

I want to add this eyelash as a gift in my cosmetic set. I need to control the cost. What price can you give me?

Our eyelashes are not suitable for gifts. But still, look at your budget, the price is the same as the price of normal goods!

This has $800! I have some funds that I can’t turn around recently. Can I pay in installments?

At present, we do not support installment payments. We will continue to improve the services in this area, and we will notify you as soon as possible. Keep in touch, my contact details WhatsApp: +8616678608908

I haven’t been able to sell the eyelashes I ordered from you. Can I return it?

Sorry, our products are not returned without quality problems. If you don’t sell it, if you don’t think you can’t sell it, there is really no hope. Hope is the most beautiful among all things, and the most beautiful things will never die! Find more reasons, our products are very popular, there must be a way. If you encounter difficulties, please contact me, I am always at your service, contact information….. You will succeed!

I saw a lot of people around me doing eyelash business. Is this market already saturated, can I still enter?

The demand for the market has been constantly expanding. Whether you can enter or not depends on whether you are determined to do something. The Bible speaks of faith and can defeat everything.

As long as you find a reliable supplier, you can work together with you to develop, to think about what you can solve, solve problems you can’t solve, regardless of market saturation and unsaturated, you have a place. Is it?

How much are your eyelashes? If you buy more, will there be a discount?

The price of our eyelashes is different. Which one do you like? contact me. Contact information.

We will also reward you for trying to sell our eyelashes. this is what we are supposed to do. The higher your sales ability, the more you will get.

The products themselves are handmade, no matter how much they have to be placed one by one, one pair to do, the price and quantity do not have a big relationship, we do not give workers discounts, workers will not compromise the quality, our The market will not be discounted.

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Frequently asked questions and answers 4

Today we bring you more questions of interest to our customers. These questions are about the wearing process after receiving 3D Mink Lashes. If you are wondering about these questions, please bookmark our blog!

How to remove the eyelashes from the tray?

From the end of the eyelashes, hold the eyeliner and gently remove the eyelashes from the outside. Never pinch your hair

Can I wear my own eyelashes?

This is completely operational and saves time for going to the beauty salon.
Step 1: Hold the excess eyeliner of the eyelashes with pointed tweezers and carefully remove them.
Step 2: Align your eyeliner and cut off the extra parts
Step 3: Apply glue to the eyeliner and dry.
The fourth part: use the curved tweezers to clamp the hair part first to stick the middle, then stick the inside, and finally stick the outside. That’s it.

Can I use eyelashes to make eye makeup? Does the eyelash band affect my makeup?

Wearing false eyelashes does not affect your makeup. On the contrary, 3D mink eyelashes with black eyeliner will make your already drawn eyeliner more solid. You don’t have to draw eyeliner, black eyeliner correction eye will enlarge your eyes!25mm Mink Lashes Model Show -1

Can we wear eyelashes without mascara?

Our unique setting technology makes the mink false eyelash hair show different curvature and curve, unlike the silk eyelash, which has only one curvature. Therefore, we don’t need to use mascara after taking 3D mink lashes. 

How long will they last with false eyelashes?

Our glue is natural, pollution-free, odorless, strong, and will not shed tears and lose viscosity. You can stick to the eyelashes for 24 hours without taking them off, but we suggest you take off your eyelashes before you go to bed. Our eyelashes and skin are oily, which will gradually reduce the adhesion. Give your eyes a break.

Can your eyelashes be reused?

If our eyelashes are carefully protected, they can be used 20-25 times. Our eyelash glue is patented, soft and durable, not easy to break, you can rest assured to use!

Check here to know more about YSLLashes Mink Lashes….

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Recommend YSL natural mink lashes for you!

Hi, dear customers. I am coming again!!!

A lot of our long eyelashes have been recommended recently, and many guests say that 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes are a bit exaggerated. Not suitable for everyday wear, I want to recommend some natural mink lashes that are suitable for everyday nude makeup or when not wearing makeup.

Then we mainly recommend our natural series of eyelashes today.

Today I recommend A035 and A013 for everyone.
I have already shown them in the video about their shape.

Natural style mink eyelashes are not as layered as 3D style eyelashes, they only have one curvature. Therefore, their corresponding craftsmanship does not have the difficulty of 3D mink lashes, and the natural price will be slightly cheaper.

If you want both eyelashes for mink hair but the budget is not a lot. I still recommend you start with natural mink eyelashes.

Many mink customers say that I have never worn false eyelashes before, and it is difficult to wear false eyelashes. In fact, you can see in my video that wearing fake eyelashes is really not difficult. Except for the time of applying the glue, the whole wearing process is about one minute. Many exercises will make you more proficient. In order to make yourself more beautiful, those difficulties are simply not things.

The natural style of the eyelashes will not look very awkward when not wearing makeup but will enlarge the effect of your eyes. Different shapes of eyelashes also modify the shape of our eyes. Let us change the style of our makeup at will when we make up.

If you like or want fake eyelashes that you can wear without makeup, you can try our natural style eyelashes.

Don’t forget to contact me!

YSLLASHES Your best eyelash supplier.

5 Reasons to Wear Eyelashes

1. False Eyelashes are Good for Your Natural Eyelashes

Aside from the impact on your look that it creates, falsies actually benefit your natural lashes. Unlike mascara that can make your lashes brittle and weak, false eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier.

MYTH:  False eyelashes can damage your natural lashes.

FACT: They do not. It requires the correct and proper application to ensure that your false eyelashes will not cause any sort of damage to your natural lashes. Of course, while wearing one, you need to be careful to not rub your eyes that may cause the lashes to be pulled–both the falsies and the natural ones.

2. Go for a Wear-Proof Makeup

During occasions when your emotions can be easily triggered, faux eyelashes can save you from getting your eyeliner or mascara streaked. This is especially useful when attending heartwarming occasions like weddings or when watching a tearjerking movie.

3. Find a Material that Suits You

Eyelashes come in variants–you’re sure to find the one that you most prefer wearing. Usually, the most popular materials used for false eyelashes are plastic, human hair, and mink hair. But if you are after achieving a realistic look, your best choice would be mink lashes.

4. Cruelty-Free Options are Available

You don’t even have to worry about not being eco-friendly when wearing falsies. In fact, if you really like mink false eyelashes without the guilt, Silk lashes follow a green approach to creating their lashes.

Did you know?  The mink hair that silk uses for their handcrafted eyelashes is harvested from a mink preservation area. This means that while they offer realistic false lashes, no mink was hurt in the process of its creation!

5. Give Your Look the Extra ‘Oomph’ 

On days when you need to be extra, you can rely on your false eyelashes to create an impact that is far greater when you’re wearing your usual makeup. With your falsies, you can easily be a head-turner when you want to!