The Do’s and Dont’s of Makeup According To Guys

The Do’s and Dont’s of Makeup According To Guys.

When it comes to the subject of men on women wearing makeup, there’s a fine line between looking appealing and polished versus outright appalling because of too much makeup (or incorrectly applied cosmetics). While makeup is always going to be a fun female hobby, it’s wise to read up on what men think about the most popular makeup trends that women enjoy doing:

  • Cat’s eye: From Cleopatra to Amy Winehouse and Taylor Swift, few makeup looks are as ubiquitous as the cat’s eye. There are dozens of techniques out there teaching women how to perfect their “flick”, but men prefer the cat’s eye simple, thin, and the way it’s intended to be used today: purely for enhancing the eye.
cat eyed makeup
  • Red lipstick: Consistently making comebacks every other season in different shades, red lipstick should be reserved for a night out with the girls or when you’re trying to dress up with a vintage theme. Additionally, men are also afraid of getting that notorious red stain on their clothing and neck so it’s best to avoid it when you’re on a date.
red lipstick makeup
  • Voluminous eyelashes: This one’s a no-brainer: nothing accentuates the eyes more naturally and flirtatiously than full-bodied lashes, which is why YSLLashes was created. Let your eyes speak volumes without wearing too much makeup; all you need to do is wear these beautiful lashes which you can apply in just a few minutes.
  • Smokey eyes: Men find smokey eyes sexy, but only when used in the appropriate occasions such as when you’re on an evening out and not during the day. To make the most out of a smokey eye and to avoid wearing too much makeup, keep the rest of your face bare when pulling off this makeup look. Stick to a light cheek color, and a nude or blush lip to enhance its effects on your eyes.
smokey eyes makeup
  • Bright eyeshadows: Many women think that having an arsenal of eyeshadows in every color should be a staple in their makeup kits. But trust us: men think that unless you’re going to a costume party, there’s no need to whip out that hot pink or lime green eyeshadow. Metallic shades are acceptable if you’re hitting a club, but otherwise it isn’t a look that men find attractive.
bright eyes makeup
  • Minimal, no-makeup makeup looks: For most of the opposite sex, wearing makeup shouldn’t be much more than enhancing the features you already have instead of trying to look like someone else entirely. Men love a bare but polished face with the essentials all in place: smooth skin, well-blended foundation that looks invisible to the eye, concealed under eyes, groomed eyebrows, voluminous eyelashes, and of course a great smile!
minimal makeup

Remember that makeup is also an extension of your personality – and men feel the same way. Let your makeup speak volumes about you, but just like how you wouldn’t want to reveal too much on the first few dates with men, try to avoid piling up crazy colors especially during the day.

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