The human standard of beauty has always been eyelashes or a little longer. Eyelash is inherent, but if be born eyelash is scarce, appear short and fine, askew wait for a circumstance, the eye again big circle also cannot build a side with the United States again.

Long and curved eyelash, not only can enlarge double eye, let an eye more perfect. Still can give more modality for eye flow, clever, charming, charming spruce, lovely… No matter how to add to the temperament.

Therefore, women’s love for the beauty of eyelashes has never changed since ancient times. So how did the eyelash history of ciliary beauty go through?

400 years BC “Egypt”

In ancient Egypt in 400 BC, women’s ability to pursue beauty was “awakened” and they began to try eye makeup. But what if they don’t have eyeliner or eye shadow? Wittily, they blacken their lashes with burnt almonds and lead, then use crocodile poop and honey to blend and set to stop the colour falling off. Smell and comfort, please imagine.

Ancient Egyptian makeup

100 years BC “Rome”

In ancient Rome, teenage girls saw dark eyelashes as a sign of chastity because they believed excessive sex would cause them to fall out. So, to prove her chastity, ancient Roman girls used burnt rose petals and dates, mixed with soot and antimony powder, and applied to eyelashes.

Roman makeup

“Ziryab” in 900 AD

The godfather of fashion, Ziryab, along with a Persian writer, started a beauty school, the first officially professional beauty school, to teach women how to use mascara and other cosmetics derived from antimony and coal ash.

Fashion godfather

Medieval “Renaissance”

In the dark middle ages, the religious bondage of the church was serious, and the social conventions restricted people’s examination of beauty. The Catholic church believes that grooming is a sexual temptation. So in the middle ages, hairstyles with exposed foreheads were all the rage, and even eyebrows were toned down. So we can see a lot of portraits of people without eyebrows in paintings from the middle ages. Not to mention eyelashes.

Renaissance makeup

Despite the obstruction of the church, Renaissance women demonstrated “how beautiful the eyelashes are for the size of the heart. “Simonetta Vespucci was popular. Walnut shell powder is the most sought after. Women use crushed walnut shell powder to make eyelashes look darker.

It is the nature of every woman to love beauty.
Today we will introduce the history of eyelashes to you here, tomorrow we will lead you to continue to understand the development of eyelashes in modern history.
See you tomorrow.

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