1913 the world’s first mascara

T.L.WILLAMS , American chemist. WILLAMS invented maybelline New York mascara for his sister. In order to help her sister MABEL (MABEL) to win her boyfriend’s heart, at that time, MABEL’s boyfriend CHET love another woman. Williams mixes petroleum jelly and powdered charcoal to create a cream that darkens eyelashes. This is the world’s first mascara!
This is the world’s first Mascara, a Cake Mascara that requires a toothbrush brush to apply.

Maybelline mascara

The world’s first false eyelashes

False eyelashes, invented by film director D.W. Griffith in 1916, are made from real human hair. It started out as a YARDLEY AD for British model Twiggy.


By 1921, more and more actors were wearing false eyelashes — some even said they protected glasses from fluorescent lights — and women were flocking to salons to get them.
One columnist later wrote, “If a beautiful girl looks at you through her long, bushy eyelashes, don’t fall in love at first sight. You know, those tantalizing eyelashes probably didn’t belong to her, at least until she bought them.”

In the 1930s

By the 1930s, the false eyelashes had become ubiquitous and varied in color from black to brown to gold. The invention of eyelash curlers by William Beldue in 1923 encouraged the spread of false eyelashes, because they allowed them to be aligned with real lashes to look more realistic. “False eyelashes give women a seductive flicker.” Vogue says.

Eyelash grafting was introduced in the 1950s, when it wasn’t much different from modern eyelash grafting. All use a strong lashes glue, using lashes tweezers to attach individual lashes to the eyelid, which can last for a long time.
Over time, the number of false eyelashes has increased and plastic artificial hair has been used instead of real hair. The technique, which can thicken, grow and curve eyelashes, was eventually introduced to China in 1998.

eyelashes extension

But it was later discovered that eyelashes made from artificial fibres did not look particularly real on the eyes. Then, through various experiments, we were found that the mink hair is the hair closest to human eyelashes. Mink lashes have been popular since 2012, when they brought a truly beautiful experience to people.


Compared with the long history of eyelashes, every girl’s youth seems very short. Now we have met the eye makeup we like, and there are no ethical or secular restrictions. At the moment, what you should do is to choose the eyelash style that admire in the heart.

Do the most beautiful yourself is right!

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