I know a makeup artist.

She really knows how to make up and is famous for her makeup.

For the people living in a field totally different from mine, I added a few minutes of curiosity, because in my impression, makeup, learning is hard on the skin deep, it is not a wise man should pursue.

So I couldn’t resist asking her, “what kind of person makes up after all these years of studying makeup?

What is the highest level of makeup?”

For such a problem, this time has gradually gone to the makeup artist to show a deep smile.

She said: “the highest state of makeup can use two words to describe, is’ natural ‘, the best cosmetic surgery, is a very elegant makeup, let people ever make up looks as if he didn’t, and that on the make-up and master the identity of the match, to natural on that person’s personality and temperament.

The secondary makeup is to highlight people, to make her stand out and to attract attention.

Bad makeup is a step forward and others find that she wears a lot of makeup, which is designed to cover up her shortcomings or age.

A makeup, the worst is I later distorts their personality, and lost their senses of coordination, for example a man small eyes was a heavy eyebrows, big face people had the white face, wide mouth people have spent lips…

Unexpectedly, the highest state of make up is no makeup, it is natural, this can make me look at each other.

The makeup artist looked at me and continued, “it’s not like you wrote the article.

Bad essays are often a pile of words that distort the author’s personality.

A better article is radiant and attractive, but others know you’re writing.

The best article is the natural revelation of a writer, who does not stack, read, or read, but read a life.

What a wise man?

But, “the person who makes up the makeup just does the work on the epidermis!”

“I exclaimed.

“No,” said the dresser, “the makeup is just the last of the branches, and it can change very little.

A deep layer of makeup is a way to change your constitution and change your lifestyle.

Get plenty of sleep, exercise and nutrition, so her skin is improved, her spirit is adequate, and she is more effective than makeup.

Again a deep layer of makeup is changing temperament, reading, appreciating art, thinking, optimistic about life, confident in life and kind-hearted, caring, love and with dignity, such people just don’t make up ugly, it also face make-up is just at the end of a small things.

I use three simple words to explain, the makeup of three flows is the makeup on the face, the second flow makeup is the mental makeup, the first-class makeup is the life makeup.”

The makeup artist went on to conclude, “aren’t the people who wrote the articles also makeup artists?

The article of the third stream is the makeup of words, the second-rate article is the makeup of the spirit, and the first-class article is the makeup of life.

So, do you know the makeup?

I stand up to her for the wisdom of the female makeup artist, and I am ashamed of my original view of the makeup artist.

Bid farewell to a makeup artist, on the way back to the place where I walk in the dark night, with such a deep understanding: in all the world is not independent self-existent, must have its deep inner meaning, so, the best way to change in table, not in the work, must reform from within.

Unfortunately, those who study hard on the table often do not understand this truth.

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