In 1919, Max Factor, the founder of the brand Max Factor, invented false eyelashes, and from then on, a beautiful thing that millions of women pursue crazily was born.

It is an artificial eyelash used to beautify the eyes. By lengthening and thickening the eyelashes, it makes the eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller and more spiritual. By the workers one by one eyelash silk up, fine workmanship, convenient and practical, but the process is extremely complex, resulting in the production of artificial restrictions.

False eyelashes from birth to now have been a full 100 years, through generations of eyelash people to improve the exploration, now she has a complete system, modeling, characteristics.

False eyelashes appear because of beauty, which is always on the road to make women more beautiful.

Eyes are the window of the soul, false eyelashes are another layer of window decoration, add color to your eyes, add charm to your eyes,

Because of the appearance characteristics between different RACES, eyelashes are more suitable for people with deep eyes and solid features. False eyelash collocation corresponding makeup look, can show different styles, such as charm, pure, innocent, lovely.

Before I in the video shows a lot of eyelashes, because of the order, eyelash length, making them each shining is not the same as glorious, the first people who want to try to wear false eyelashes, can have a look at my video first, if there is doubt, very welcome to send me a message, I will recommend the most suitable for you to the best of your eyelash, we also hope to have worn the false eyelash customers, to the satisfaction, feeling that one’s choice is correct.

I will always recommend eyelashes for you, for you to open the world of false eyelashes.

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