On Friday, ysllashes held a monthly league building activity. Why does an enterprise need to build a team when it is very busy?

You know why?

Team building is for the better development of each team, so as to promote the more positive development of our corporate culture.

For the existence of corporate culture, I think they have these meanings.

Corporate culture can stimulate employees’ sense of mission.

No matter what kind of enterprise has its responsibility and mission, the sense of mission is the goal and direction of all employees’ work. And it is the source of power for the continuous development or advancement of the enterprise.

Corporate culture can condense employees’ sense of belonging.

The role of corporate culture is to make a group of people from different places pursue the same dream through the refinement and dissemination of corporate values.

Corporate culture can enhance employees’ sense of responsibility.

Enterprises should publicize the importance of employees’ sense of responsibility through a large number of materials and documents. Managers should instill a sense of responsibility, a sense of crisis and a sense of team to all employees, and let everyone clearly understand that the enterprise is the common enterprise of all employees.

Corporate culture can give employees a sense of honor.

Everyone should make more contributions, make more achievements and pursue more honor in his own post and field.

Corporate culture can achieve employees’ sense of achievement.

The prosperity of an enterprise is related to the survival of every employee. When the enterprise prospers, employees will be proud of it and will work harder and harder. The higher the glory, the greater the sense of achievement and the more obvious it is.

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