The drawing method of stage makeup first is to decide according to what type of dance you do. What style of performance clothes, whether there are lights, day or night. Do not be afraid when change, I do not know the step of teaching is what, personal experience sees: makeup of stage especially fumigation had better stick false eyelash first (and cannot be close to oneself eyelash is stuck closely, between two empty come out a bit position, do not be afraid, the bottom does not see your true eyelash).

Foundation (skincare products, foundation)

Toner for the first time. Powder (can be played or not according to personal makeup) False lashes (apply liquid eyeliner to the places between your real lashes), and you’d better apply mascara to your own real lashes

Eye shadow (after sticking mink eyelash to draw eye shadow first, can draw eye shadow according to the whole sense of the eye after sticking mink lashes, avoid the effect that 2 times apply color or false eyelash did not increase the eye), the eye shadow color that is close to false eyelash place wants some darker, highlight a layer, but cannot too much, can see a pair of panda eye only in the set otherwise.


Bright powder (necessary, preferably bright white or transparent) is applied from the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow tail; Apply from top to bottom at the nasal bone (the canthus of the lower eye shadow is optional).

Blusher (lighter with stage lighting and no lighting during the day).

Toner for the second time

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