The first kind: choose the wholesale false eyelashes that imitate, had better eyelash part is thinner, reduce eyelash to cross as far as possible.
When such eyelash brings eye place, must clip nature, according to the length of the eye will clip the length of false eyelash, it is as far as possible and the length of the eye maintains consistent, also can be slightly shorter than the eye a bit, can let false eyelashes and eye model have a very close fusion after putting on so.
Not too long, not too short.
Too long is easy to distortion, too short will show incomplete.
So when you trim it, you compare it to the length of your eyes, and you cut it.

After wearing, want to observe to see and true eyelash have union more natural, must not appear the phenomenon of two eyelashes, that too failed.
If there are two layers, gently clip the two layers of eyelashes with the eyelash curler, or you can use some mascara to glue the two layers of eyelashes together into one layer, which will be more beautiful. Then you can apply eyeliner and apply mascara.


Second, wear decorative wholesale false eyelashes.
This kind of eyelash suits festival quite, dinner party to wait for an occasion to wear, eyelash itself is imitate, can adorn on the branch of eyelash only crystal, bright piece, or color stripe what, use to lift bright false eyelash, adorn eyelash, produce distinctive luxuriant effect, bring gorgeous and special eye makeup vision to the female people.
Such wholesale false eyelash also wants to be cut appropriately according to the eye model length commonly, when wearing, must notice now will real eyelash clip is warped, brush good eyelash creams next, this is to wear such false eyelash, because false eyelash upper already had very thing, cannot brush eyelash creams so, can destroy those small adornment otherwise.


The last one is the wholesale false eyelashes used on stage.
This kind of eyelash is thicker thick (still have the false eyelash of blue, purple, yellow, aureate wait for different color), suit to use in the life very much, even in the fashionable activity such as dinner party, party, the word that wears also can show very exaggerative, exaggerated can be blindly false, blindly make.
Therefore, such eyelashes are very suitable for stage performance and other stage arts.
When such eyelash is stuck, because compare thick, often also can compare hard, can clip warped true eyelash hind, need not brush eyelash creams, after besmear eyeliner, wear such false eyelash, can increase the outline of the face and eye ministry, the effect on the stage is outstanding.
Therefore, if you bring such mink lashes to life, shopping, attending parties and other activities, you will give people false, artificial, exaggerated, and insecure impression. Therefore, we advise many women who love fake eyelashes, such eyelashes should not be worn in daily life.

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