Many girls wear false eyelashes every day to make their eyes appear bigger and more alert.
But, you know not to know, in fact, there are many hidden dangers behind the beautiful, wear false eyelashes for a long time is bad for the eyes, serious can affect the health of the eye, make beautiful your burden.
You need to know enough about the basic knowledge of false eyelashes so that you can wear them properly, both beautiful and not affect eye health.


False eyelashes styles

False eyelash is divided into euramerican department and Japanese department, the characteristic of euramerican department is concentration, suit eye outline to highlight, or the girl that hopes to build stage effect USES;
The Japanese system is actually produced in Taiwan in the majority, the effect is more natural, suitable for Oriental eye shape.
Price is not the only difference in quality. If you are careless, the cheaper false eyelashes of the day style are more suitable for you.
If you are a collector, expensive eyelashes are also worth investing in, if you want to buy art eyelashes, you must buy the brand, gorgeous effect and will not have a cheap impression.
Choose natural in daily life as much as possible, and when attending a few theme parties or grand dinners, you can consider a few exaggerated and artistic strong false eyelashes, such as those with a water drill or feather shape.
Some limited edition false eyelashes can serve as party adornment already, can serve as collect again.
Also can use two different false eyelashes to create brand-new modelling.

The harm of wearing false eyelashes for a long time

One: causes the true eyelash to fall off.
Some people lose their eyelashes easily due to the condition of their eyelashes.
If wearing false eyelashes for a long time, it is easy to further cause eyelashes to fall off.

Two: weaken the defensive function of eyelash.
Long-term wear too long too thick false eyelash can make the protection function of eyelash also can reduce.
Originally eyelid should have instant reaction, but because false eyelash is too heavy, can delay reaction time, and the person that the expert points out often wears false eyelash easily squint eye, eye unwell.

Cause eye inflammation.
If wearing false eyelashes for a long time, it may affect the cleanliness of the eyelashes.
There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the root of eyelashes. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, your sweat pores will be blocked by false eyelashes for a long time, which will affect your pores to sweat.
If the false eyelashes themselves are not clean, they are more likely to clog the pores and may cause hair follicle infection, leading to folliculitis and even suppurative folliculitis.

Notes for false eyelashes

1. When removing from the eyelash box, gently remove with your finger along the direction of the eyelashes;
When removing from eyelid, want to hold false eyelash in the center of fast pull down, avoid pulling 23 hair to pull down by all means.

2. The used false eyelashes should be completely removed from the adhesive on the top of the box neatly.
Pay attention not to stick eye shadow powder, eyelash oil to false eyelash, can get dirty, destroy false eyelash otherwise.

3. Use special make-up remover to clean false eyelashes.
Press the false eyelashes with a cotton pad, starting at the root, and then at the front.
The action must be light, otherwise it cannot be used in circles.

How to wear false eyelashes correctly

The false eyelash that just bought is too beautiful, can give a person to feel very unnatural, should not stick directly so use, must undertake appropriate clip.
When clipping, the false eyelashes of two eyes must be thick, light, and dense consistent.
Still can cut a false eyelash into two half, stick in the place that oneself hopes to strengthen, wait like outer eye corner, eye ciliary center.
When stick false eyelash, should besmear on the edge of false eyelash a few agglutinate glues, because both ends are easy to fall off, the dosage should a bit more, agglutinate does not stick on the false eyelash.
Then apply a layer of mascara along your lashes.
When adhesive glue is dry, the adhesive force is the strongest. After about 5 seconds, when the adhesive glue is dry quickly, bend the false eyelashes to make it soft.
Then, the eye faces the mirror, adjust the Angle of false eyelashes, along the eyelash root gently press on false eyelashes.
Press with hand about 10 seconds, make true false eyelash is mixed completely.

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