What are the differences between good false eyelashes and bad false eyelashes

Reflected in knitting materials and comfort experience.Simply speaking, good false eyelashes are made of natural hair, which will fit the skin around the eyes and make people more comfortable. However, the bad false eyelashes are made of transparent terriers or thin terriers, or even chemical fiber material, which will not only make people feel uncomfortable when using, but also cause damage to the eyes

The best eyelashes are made of horse, sable or human hair, while the worst ones are made of synthetic fibre, which affects the comfort and natural look of the eyelashes

Wear the feeling, good false eyelashes wear after very light almost no drop feeling

Bad false eyelash can feel pull feeling, hang down drop feeling is serious

Bad eyelashes can also damage the original eyelashes, as well as the skin around the eyes.

In terms of technology, good false eyelashes are made by hand, with complex and meticulous technology and natural shape, while bad false eyelashes are made by machine, with rigid shape and unnatural feeling

In terms of application frequency, good false eyelashes can be used for many times without deformation, while many bad false eyelashes are disposable, which may cause hair loss.

To sum up, although the price of good false eyelashes is higher than that of poor false eyelashes, but all aspects of the feeling is really genuine,

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