We know that there are many different shapes of eyelash boxes on the market. Such as rectangular eyelash boxes, square eyelash boxes, round eyelash boxes, diamond eyelash boxes and so on.

So let’s talk about in this blog, what circumstances is it better to choose a rectangular eyelash box?

First, if you are concerned that the position of the eyelashes is close to the actual wearing. The rectangular eyelash box is definitely the first choice. The reason is very simple, because when the eyelashes are worn on your eyes, the overall shape is similar to a rectangular. This way, when the eyelashes are placed in the rectangular eyelash box, the effect of wearing is very reduced.

Second, if you want to increase the practical function of eyelashes, then the rectangular eyelash box is also preferred. Because for the rectangular eyelash box. It is easier for us to add a practical gadget like a mirror, or eyelash tweezers. In other way it is said that the rectangular eyelash box is easy to be modified and has a wide application.

Third, if you want a lash box to hold a lot of eyelashes, then the rectangular lash box is also a good choice. First of all, its four sides are more square, easy to place the lash tray, and the size can be large or small, so it is very It is easy to design eyelashes that can be loaded with different pairs.

In this blog we simply said that these three points are more suitable for the use of rectangular eyelash boxes. Of course, the final preference is still based on customer needs. After all,what you like is the best.

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