What do you know about the types of eyelashes?

Hi dear, have you learned more about the types of eyelashes?

Do you know how to better introduce your products to your customers?

Today I’m going to go into more detail about the types of eyelash products.

Let’s get started!

According to our Marketing Department, right now the most popular lashes on the market are paired lashes and grafted lashes. Their raw materials are mink hair, human hair, horse hair, synthetic fiber and so on.

However, the most popular pair of lashes are those made of sable.Because mink hair is closer to humans’ own eyelashes.

The mink hairs appear thin and conical when viewed under a magnifying glass.The front part of the hair has a natural tip, which is gradually thicker and thicker, presenting a beautiful conical shape.

Wearing eyelashes on the eyes, sable eyelashes are the most natural and attractive.

Ysl eyelashes are exactly like this, choose the best quality mink, and then choose the best quality tail hair on the body of mink, and collect the tail hair uniformly in the depilation season of mink.Gently collect hair without harming the animal.It doesn’t do any harm to animals.

Ysl mink eyelashes, soft and not easily damaged, can be used for 25 times per pair of eyelashes, eyeliner will not be out of shape, hair is not easy to fall off.You can gently scrub with water, but we still recommend using a professional eyelash cleanser, which will cause less damage to eyelashes.Can prolong the life of eyelashes.We do not recommend violent treatment of any eyelashes. Violent treatment of damaged eyelashes can be extremely quick.

Of course, ferret eyelashes are generally a little more expensive than other hair lashes, after all, from the raw materials, technology, artificial and other aspects, the ferret is the most precious.

See you next time for more details on how to clean your eyelashes.


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