It is very important for eyelash retailers to judge the right Mink Lashes 25mm. The quality of eyelashes affects the development of eyelash business. Therefore, you must spend time, money and effort to find the best 3D mink eyelash supplier. Do you know the criteria for judging the quality of eyelashes? What are the standards of high-quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale? YSL Lashes, as a high-quality Mink Lash Vendors, will explain to you what these standards are!

First, Touch

When you decide to start an eyelash business by wholesale mink eyelashes, you can purchase eyelash samples first. After receiving the package, try to touch your eyelashes with your hand. The mink fur feels soft and light, and looks like your own eyelashes. Then put it on the eyes, the eyes will not feel tingling, but soft and comfortable, which proves that the quality of lashes is very good!

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25mm mink lashes

Second, Smell

You can also judge the quality of eyelashes by smelling. Some low-quality Mink Lashes 25mm emit an unpleasant smell due to the use of cheap raw materials. Especially after the eyelashes are wet. You can soak the eyelash sample after receiving it to see if it has an unpleasant smell. If there is any unpleasant smell, it is enough to prove that those eyelashes are of inferior quality and cannot be purchased in bulk!

Third, Rub

The last method is to hold the eyelashes in your hands, rub them vigorously, and rotate them. If the roots of the eyelashes will not break or fall off, and the eyelashes can be restored to their original shape, then it can prove that the quality of the eyelashes is high!

The above are three simple methods to test the quality of eyelashes. If you have any other questions, please feel free to discuss with me. My Whatsapp: +8617561687029.

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