What quantity should mink lashes sample choose?

For customers who are just starting their eyelash business, we recommend purchasing a sample order for the first order. For the lashes business beginners, testing the quality of the sample lashes is a must.

We also highly recommend that who have just started the eyelash business order as many lashes styles as possible, in order to find the eyelashes line that is best for them.

Because basically 10 pairs are available, you can choose 5 or less different eyelashes styles mixed. This is a good match for the eyelash business, as proved. For the completeness of your own lashes brand line, we also recommend this combination of different lashes styles. And you can also check the similarity between same mink lashes.

From another point of view, for shipping, the cost of the eyelashes sample is the same under 20 pairs. From the perspective of cost control, this quantity under 20 is the most appropriate.

We recommend a combination of 20mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes. This combination is the best for the development of the entire lashes brand.

Lashes sample order is very important. The sample not only represents the production process and design concept of the YSL mink lashes factory. When you get the sample, you must wear it on your own eyes and experience it by yourself. Only in this way can you fully feel the comfort and beauty of the 3D mink eyelashes.

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