In the recent communication with customers, I found that many customers like to ask me all kinds of questions about mink lashes. In fact, for this kind of customers, our degree of preference is higher. Because we are in constant communication, for you to answer your doubts of mink lashes. So we can serve you better.

Just today, a customer asked about the minimum order quantity of eyelashes, express price, express time and so on. So in this blog we will talk briefly about what questions should we ask eyelash suppliers when buying eyelashes? And how ysllashes provides solutions to these problems for customers who purchase mink lashes.

MOQ of mink lashes

Most eyelash suppliers on the market require a minimum order of 10 to 100 pairs. However, there is no minimum order quantity of eyelashes for ysllashes. Ysllashes in order to allow customers to have a better eyelash experience. We provide eyelash sample order service in small batch for eyelash customers. So that we want to start the eyelash business customers to check the quality of our eyelashes. High quality eyelash products are not afraid of the customer to compare. Buy some samples and really experience the quality of Ysllashes. I believe you will fall in love with Ysllashes!

About transporting eyelashes

The selection criteria for international express delivery are different for each company. Some companies will choose cheap courier, but it is also fast and slow in time. Ysllashes uses express delivery is international express giant DHL Express. Because DHL Express has the fastest shipping time, his shipping time is usually 2 to 5 days. Time represents money, can get eyelashes as soon as possible, can start their own eyelash business earlier. Seize the mink lashes market earlier and make more money. Of course, they also have the most professional services.

About mink lashes raw material selection

There are many eyelashes materials on the market, such as artificial mink hair, silk, horse hair, human hair and so on. Ysllashes has very strict standards for raw materials of eyelashes. Our eyelashes use only natural mink hair. Because the mink tail hair are the longest and easiest to get on a mink. For the diameter of eyelash hair, we will choose hair within 0.05-0.09cm. Because this diameter is closest to human hair. Wear on the eyes is the most natural, most beautiful. Ysllashes is a vegetarian lashes and we promise that we will not do any harm to animals.

These are the top three questions asked of mink lashes. Of course, there are a lot of questions, so I’ll keep updating in the next blog. Please keep an eye on us. See you next time.

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