More and more customers turn to mink eyelash suppliers. The carefully crafted ultra-high quality mink eyelashes will not give you outdated and inferior products. But, the best mink eyelash manufacturers do not provide free samples. How to choose mink eyelash samples and how to save postage?

YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors are the best mink eyelashes manufacturer, hot selling lashes private brand mink eyelashes.

How to choose mink eyelash samples?

We have 5 categories for you to choose from, and we have selected popular eyelash styles for each category.

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First of all, when choosing mink eyelash samples, it is recommended to discover the beauty of each product from the perspective of the end consumer, and choose 5-6 mink lashes samples that are popular in the market. These products have their own traffic, which can help you open the market as soon as possible.

Choose 2-3 mink eyelash samples you prefer. The product you like represents your understanding of the product. Look at the market.

Most of our customers like mink eyelashes, in the US market, 3d artificial mink eyelashes are popular in the Middle East market. You can choose the hot selling lashes design, that will help your eyelash business.

How to plan carefully and save shipping costs?

It is recommended that you choose more than 10 styles. Because the postage to the United States is about $28. If there are less than 10 styles, the shipping cost for each product is 2.5 USD. The more samples, the lower the transportation cost.

When choosing a package, do not choose a large and thick package. Large and thick packaging does not look good, and large volume and weight waste transportation costs.

This not only saves the freight but also makes the most use of the freight. Spend the least amount of money on a sample eyelash order and you’ll get the most out of it.

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