Every owner of an eyelash business has a dream of an eyelash brand, which is to create his own exclusive eyelash brand and provide more girls with high-quality eyelashes. We believe that Custom Lash Packaging is indeed the best way to expand brand influence, which is why you want to customize eyelash packaging.

Custom Lash Packaging Box

But when custom lash packaging is a matter to take into consideration. If you don’t have a sufficient budget and your eyelash business model is a rolling development model from small to large, then YSL Eyelash Vendor suggests that you don’t consider custom-made eyelash packaging when you place an order for the first time, because the eyelash packaging will be temporary Compress your budget and cash flow.

Custom Lash Packaging Box

Small-volume eyelash orders, using high-quality eyelashes and good service to expand the eyelash customer base, is the most stable and sustainable method, when your user base has a certain size, and your eyelash business can generate stable profits At that time, prove that the quality of your eyelashes has been experienced and recognized by customers, and you can expand them to more regions and more customers, then you can customize eyelash packaging and start your brand building journey.

Custom Lash Packaging Box

Customized eyelash packaging boxes can be found at Amor eyelash wholesalers, YSL lashes have an eyelash packaging production line, and a graphic designer will turn your logo idea into a beautiful pattern printed on the eyelash packaging box, this design process is free of charge, they The packaging factory has a variety of templates for eyelash packaging boxes. You just need to choose the template and color you like, and send your logo file to them as a png file, and they will quickly make a rendering for you. When after confirmation and payment, production will be arranged. This process takes about two days because the graphic designers are busy and the waiting time in line is longer.

Custom Lash Packaging Vendor

YSL Eyelash Wholesalers suggest that you don’t need to give each pair of eyelashes a custom packaging box because the packaging box is very strong and the service life far exceeds the service life of the eyelashes. 3 pairs of eyelashes with one eyelash packaging box is the best match. That way you don’t waste your money. The more you think about your customers, the higher your customers’ trust in you!

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