We know that there are various shapes of eyelash boxes on the market. There are rectangular eyelashes boxes, square eyelashes boxes, round eyelashes boxes, diamond eyelash boxes, and so on.

Dear customer, generally if you belong to these three situations, I recommend choosing a round eyelash box.

First, you are a frequent traveler.

Because it is very inconvenient to go out and take things out, but the eyelashes must be carried with you, and the eyelashes must be protected, so the small and easy to carry round eyelash box will be a very good choice for you.

Second, you are a person who loves makeup.

Then the mirror is an indispensable tool, and the round eyelash box and the mirror are specially matched. So that when you have the round eyelash box, you also have the mirror that is essential for makeup. Is this a good idea? Therefore, this type of customer is also particularly suitable for use with a round eyelashes box.

Third, you are a thing that particularly likes the perfect shape.

Then the round eyelash box must be your first choice. Because the round eyelash box is placed in that particular shape no matter how it is placed. And it is especially suitable for playing in the palm of your hand, the round eyelashes box must be your favorite.

And, general round eyelash box can divide into paper box and plastic box.We have a lot of plastic round boxes in stock, if you think it takes too much time to customize your own brand eyelash boxes.At this time, you can choose to buy the plastic boxes we have in stock and make a logo sticker for them. It will save you a lot of time.

Of course, there are many other situations that are particularly suitable for choosing a round eyelashes box, which I will update further in a later blog. See you next time!

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