There are many kinds of eyelash boxes on the market, like rectangular eyelash boxes, square eyelash boxes, round eyelash boxes. But these boxes have fewer eyelashes, usually only a pair of eyelashes.

But what if you are a makeup artist? When it comes to makeup for customers, is it necessary to show customers different types of eyelashes? Then let your customers pick the eyelash styles that she likes? If you still bring a lot of eyelash boxes every time, isn’t it very troublesome?

In the case of makeup artists, the market is slowly emerging with a box called the eyelash book box. These boxes can usually put a lot of eyelashes, and the position of the eyelashes is very neat, which can clearly show the difference to the customer’s different kinds of eyelashes.

On the one hand, as a makeup artist. You only need to carry a lash book box, you can carry different types of eyelash styles. Not only carry the aspect but also can display the diversity of your eyelashes invisibly.

On the other hand, this multi-style eyelash display allows customers to choose the eyelash style according to their own preferences. After all, everyone’s aesthetic vision is different. If you as a makeup artist can clearly know which type of eyelashes your customers need, but what if your customers don’t like this one? Would you like to show your customers one by one? Yes, but it will be a waste of time. But is it better to show Different Eyelash Styles to customers in front of them?

So, if you are a makeup artist, then the eyelash book box must be your top priority.

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