When The New Year Holidays Approach, Can I Still Place Orders?

As we all know, it will be the Chinese New Year in a few days. Some people who decide to start their own eyelash business and those who want to prepare inventory for their own eyelash business worry that they will not receive the goods as scheduled. Recently, many customers ask me the same question: “When The New Year Holidays Approach, Can I Still Place Orders?” Dear, don’t worry, we can accept orders normally.

Only Include Mink Eyelashes

First of all, you should know your order requirements. Do you only need to order the Mink Eyelashes or order the Mink Eyelash together with Custom Eyelash Packaging. If the order only contains eyelashes, it is not a problem to order two days before the holiday, because we have enough stock and can arrange delivery for you immediately after you complete the payment.

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Include Eyelashes And Custom Eyelash Packaging

Because the production time of Eyelash packaging box takes 3 working days, if you are going to order the packaging box, then you should order at least 5 days before the holiday.

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If You Need Design Logo

If you are going to start your own eyelash business and need our help to design your LOGO, as long as you can confirm the order, our designer can design it for you for free.

We can still receive orders during the Spring Festival holiday. We will arrange some workers to rotate in the factory. And the sooner the payment is completed, the sooner you can receive the order. We also accept installment payments. If you don’t have enough money, you can first pay a deposit to queue up your order, and we can deliver the goods immediately after you pay the balance.

In short, you can contact us whenever you need to place an order. Even during the Spring Festival holiday, you can still place an order, please don’t worry.


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