As more and more people start to engage in the false eyelash business. The false eyelashes market has changed from is false lashes are ok to the pursuit of high-quality false eyelashes. So today, I’ll recommend the best wholesale lashes for business!

How many different grades of wholesale lashes for business are here for you to choose?

The grade of the lashes wholesale is very important, as I said before. With the development of the eyelash business, people have gone from simply needing false eyelashes to needing quality false lashes, unique eyelashes, fake lashes that meet their different needs and the best false lashes!

Usually we only wholesale lashes that luxury and have the best lashes quality. But we found if we want to help all custom to increase their business. We need to cover low price market, this not mean bad cheap lashes. We’ll still only offer quality lashes, but as the hard work of our eyelash factory. We reduce a lot cost of our silk lashes! For now, our lashes covered 3D real mink lashes, Faux mink lashes, horse lashes, silk lashes and vegan lashes. And the length we have 12mm lashes, 14mm lashes, 15mm lashes, 16mm lashes, 18mm lashes, 20mm lashes, 25mm lashes, 30mm lashes, even 40mm lashes, false strip lashes and other types of eyelashes! Not only this, as the best eyelash manufacturer and luxury eyelash brand. We also offer custom service for all lashes, it means there is no limit for all style, material and length!

What can we help you for your wholesale eyelash business?

Everyone does eyelash business in different locations, which means different situations. EU market is different with NA, and UK is different with the US. For example, the U.S market has more people trying 30mm and even 40mm lashes. They use them when party and festivals. But for UK market, clients buy long lashes usually for drama or other activities. EU and Australia markets also requires a lot of vegan lashes. We, YSLLashes have big market data to help our customers buy the most hot selling eyelash styles in thier area. Save cost and increase lash business quickly.

If you already start your lash business, great advertising and service are important. We have our own lash factory and eyelash box factory. Hundreds of professional workers to produce luxury handmade lashes. Custom lashes are not a problem anymore,even you only want buy 10 pairs to see. We can also customized for you. And we also can answer you questions when you start your business. Like should you give your customer more eyelashes discounts? Or how to make your business bigger and bigger?

If you want to promote your eyelash brand. Customizing your own unique eyelash packaging box and printing your own brand logo is a very good way. We can provide low MOQ eyelash packaging boxes with printing your eyelash logo.

Contact us, to get the best wholesale lashes for business. Increase and innovation your lash business from now!

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