It’s no secret, a lot of women enjoy enhancing their natural beauty with products specifically designed to make them look and feel their best. With everything from a new lipstick to a beautiful new shade of eyeshadow, many women indulge in the art of cosmetology. False lashes however, have long since been a favorite of women when it comes to intensifying their look, with 3D mink strip lashes specifically, (i.e. lashes designed to work with your own eyelashes for a full and natural look, usually applied individually to each lash) seeming to be a favorite among many.

An Example of a Luxury 3d mink strip Lashes range is the Ysllashes collection image below


3D mink strip lashes are arguably the best of the best when it comes to false lashes. Easier to use and longer lasting, 3D eyelash strips are actual strips of 3D lashes — not just individual lashes you apply one by one— you can apply in one go.

Those aren’t the only reason 3D eyelash strips are great though. There are lots of reason to get yourself 3D strip lashes, and below we’ve put together a list of five reasons why our 3D strip mink lashes are not only great, they are a must!


1. They’ll give you a bold look, without all the discomfort of standard false lashes. Because our lashes are made to not only look fluffier, but actually be lighter, wearing them from morning into the late hours of the night feels natural.
2. They look totally natural. Because they are designed to work with your existing lashes, our 3D strip mink lashes will actually look like your own. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a dramatic look as well. Take the Mink 3D strip eyelashes for example. These lashes offer a dramatic evening look while maintaining that natural look we all strive for.

3. You’ll get a darker more saturated look. The reason for this comes in two parts. First, the Minks itself actually has a darker, more rich color naturally, thus adding an automatic pop to your eyes. Then, when paired with the 3D design, your lashes will not only appear to be darker, they will look significantly fuller as well.

4. They will last longer than standard synthetic false eyelashes, up to 25 uses long in fact. Why? Because of how they are made. The lashes themselves are made of real minx and the bands are each handmade from cotton thread. This means they are not only light, they are durable with a lot of room for flexibility and movement.

5. They are easy to use. 3D lashes traditionally require a lot of time to put on as well as a really experienced hand. But with Mink 3D strip eyelashes, anybody can enjoy 3D lashes!

Here at Ysllashes we truly believe eyes are the windows to our souls, reflecting the beauty within. That’s why all of our lashes are not only designed to enhance you’re eyes, making them look their best, but also are made totally free from chemical processing or dyes. After all, it is important to keep our eyes safe and healthy if we are going to keep them looking their best. So weather you are looking for a chic day look, flirty evening look or a glamorous night look, rest assured any of the Ysllashes’s 3D mink strip lashes will have you covered.

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