Why are you losing money in the eyelash business?

Nowadays in America, mink lashes industry is very fire, with many big demands, the retail price is also very high. So you can earn many profits if you directly get your mink lashes from wholesale lash vendors from China, it is easy to make money, why are there many lash vendors still losing money?

1. You are not confident, so you only dare to buy low-priced, poor-quality eyelashes, which seems to be easy to sell, but you can’t sell them with good prices. Your customers can easily buy the same mink lashes from others, so they are easy to liquidity. The possibility of repeated purchases is very small, you are always looking for new customers, in this case, of course you will lose money.

2. You did not know how to use lash packaging, your products will be stored, and you will lose money! High-quality eyelashes should also be packaged in a beautiful package to be sold out as quickly as possible. Fine packaging can make your mink eyelashes sell at a higher price.  Our YSL lashes offer beautiful packaging, low order quantity, short producing period, so working with YSL lashes to get beautiful packaging boxes can help you a lot.

3. You don’t understand knowledge about eyelashes, and you don’t find a liable wholesale lash vendor. You are easily deceived. If you buy a low quality mink lashes that is different from the sample, you will lose money.  So you have to open your eyes and look for the same supplier as YSL lahes. To ensure that the quality of your eyelashes will ensure that your customers are not lost.

4. Find a responsible wholesale lash vendor, buy high-quality mink eyelashes. Sell to high-end consumers at a reasonable price, and do a good job. This is your best making money price strategy.

After all this talk, do you know how to start your eyelash business?

YSL lashes. Your best eyelash supplier.

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