Quality Magnetic Eyelashes is a very popular type of false eyelashes. It is different from other types of eyelashes that require a lot of preparation. Just clip the magnetic eyelashes to your own real eyelashes. No eyelash glue is even needed.
Therefore, many customers choose Quality Magnetic eyelashes as their main sales product and the sales volume is very good!

Quality Magnetic Eyelashes

If your client likes the look of long and attractive eyelashes since they can remember, traditionally you have only a few options: eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes and a series of mascaras.

These options can be time-consuming, require a certain level of skill, are costly, and can damage your eyelashes-but then magnetic eyelashes appear.
Best magnetic eyelashes look like a false eyelash strip, but in fact there are small magnets attached to the eyelash bands, which can be fixed to create a seamless makeup. The idea of ​​using magnets near your eyes may seem weird at first, but the truth is that magnetic eyelashes are an incredible solution for enviable, makeup artist-approved eyelashes, without the chaos of other options Or stress.

Quality Magnetic Eyelashes

If you have sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses, or use eyelash glue for false eyelashes, your eyes are prone to irritation. Magnetic eyelashes are also a good choice. Unlike glue eyelash strips and eyelash extension cords, they won’t cause burning, swelling, or potential loss of natural lashes.

Therefore, if you want to have the appearance of long eyelashes without damaging natural hair, then magnetic eyelashes are your best choice! Different from the eight, six or even four magnet eyelashes on the market. Ours has 12 small magnets to make them better fixed on your eyelashes and do not produce too much weight to affect your daily movements.

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