What Are Half Lashes?
Half Lashes are exactly what they sound like – half of a False Eyelash, please view the following picture, usually full lashes are around 35cm in width, but half lashes are 16cm in width. Initially, half lashes were created by users cutting their own false lashes in half to achieve specific looks. Since the trend has gained popularity, in order to meet the requirements of customers, YSL Wholesale Eyelash Vendor has begun producing and selling Half Lashes and Cluster Lashes(do not talk on this episode) that can be glued to the lash line wherever the wearer needs an extra lash boost. Usually, half lashes are applied to the outer corners of the eye for an elegant your-eyelashes-but-better look.

Why Do People Make Half Lashes?
Here are some of the reasons why lash users are so dedicated to the half-lash look and why you might want to give them a try:

Half Lashes HF01

Half Lashes Are Beginner-Friendly
If you are a true beginner a half lash might be just what you need to get comfortable with the feeling of an extra lash band on your eyelid. False lashes, especially the more dramatic styles, can feel a little heavy and awkward during your first couple of uses.

Half Lashes HF02

If you want some easy application practice and less strain on your fresh eyes, a half lash is much easier to manipulate and has a significantly shorter lash band. This way, you have to worry as much about gluing an entire lash perfectly onto your lash line.

Additionally, a half lash is much more subtle than a full lash, so it will be easier to incorporate into a variety of your makeup looks while you refine your lash application skills. Practice makes perfect!

Half Lashes HF03

Half Lashes Are Comfortability
Whether you’re a novice or a veteran false lash user, comfort is always key. Any long-time wearer can tell you that having a comfortable false lash is crucial to being able to wear them all day (and all night) long.

Half lashes are perfect for sustained eye comfort because they create less weight, and therefore less strain on the eyelid throughout your wear time. The half lash also avoids the dreaded lash band inner corner.

Half Lashes HF04

Just like everyone’s eyes are unique, so is your personal style. The half lash allows you to adjust your lash to fit your personal taste whether you are going for a more natural beauty or a dramatic glamour.

Placing a wispy half-lash on your outer corner can give the eye a subtle lift and add a flirtatious flutter to the lash, leaving everyone in awe and wanting more. Meanwhile, placing a darker, more voluminous half lash on the outer corner can create a striking direct line, creating a more sultry, powerful gaze.

Half Lashes HF05

Half Lashes Are Fit Any Eye Shape
As we’ve already said, eye shapes vary from person to person and can dramatically change what makeup trends and styles work best for each user. However, half lashes are universally loved because almost anyone can use them to great effect on their unique eye shape:

Half Lashes HF06

Those with almond-shaped eyes tend to favor the eye-opening effects of half-lashes since full falsies can sometimes make almond eyes look smaller.
Those with round eyes can use thick half-lashes to create a more sultry look, countering their usual doll-like eyes.
Users with monolids or deep-set/hooded eyes can employ voluminous wispy half-lashes to lift the outer corner dramatically and make the eyes appear larger.

Half Lashes HF07

Half Lashes Make Great Cat Eye Trend
One of the most basic reasons half lashes are so popular is that no matter how they are adjusted to each eye shape, they effectively create the popular cat-eye look that is highly sought after. Cat eyes are extremely versatile and flattering in most eye shapes.

Half Lashes HF08

Natural eyelashes tend to hit their longest length under the arch of the brow. Half lashes can shift the longest part of the lash to the outer corner, contrasting the natural shape.
We are naturally attracted to things that we find unique and unexpected, which is why we find the cat-eye effect so appealing.

Half Lashes HF09

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