Why do we only do high-end eyelashes in YSLLASHES?

Now that the eyelash market is growing faster and faster, a large number of suppliers are pouring into this market. They are come out different quality eyelash in the eyelash market.

However, our YSLLashes eyelashes always adhere to the line of our high-end products. And we did not compromise in the market price war. Because both ourselves and our customers, everyone understands a very simple truth, good goods are not cheap, cheap and not good.

To be honest, in the fierce market competition, we have also shaken when some of our peers are growing in sales. We have also thought about whether to lower the price as much as possible, so that sales will go up to the next level.

However, there were constant customers who told us that when they were willing to buy some eyelashes from other places, the quality was far from satisfactory. Even some old customers buy eyelashes from several suppliers, but eventually come back and choose to work with us for a long time cooperation.

These customers have given us great affirmation, let us believe that high-end eyelash will always have a market, and consumers are still willing to choose high-quality eyelash.

Some customers dislike us for high prices, but why don’t they think about it in reverse, why can we insist on doing 11 years for such a high price?

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