Why do we order eyelash samples for testing?

Before a new customer found me, she complained that she chose a wrong supplier, and their goods were actually of poor quality. I fully understand the customer’s feelings. I was passionate about doing eyelash business, but I bought poor quality goods.

So why every time when a new customer finds me, I suggest that she buy samples first for testing, and then come to a large order. So why do we want to advise customers to order the sample testing for the first time?

The first point:

Ordering samples can reduce your own purchase risk. Especially for those who just started to do eyelash business, they don’t need to buy a lot of eyelashes at first, because they do not very know about eyelashes, so it is necessary to make a sample order.

Second point:

Order samples to choose from a variety of eyelash styles. Because when you order a large number of eyelashes, you will basically order around those specific styles. But for sample ordering, you can try a lot of styles of eyelashes. Only after you have tried enough styles will you know more about which one you need for your eyelash style.

The third point:

Experience the quality of your eyelashes and determine the quality of your eyelashes. The online world is full of all kinds of eyelash pictures, eyelash videos, and may not be their own. So this is very important, We have to experience it ourselves to judge the quality of the eyelashes. Meanwhile also test the strength of this supplier.

In fact, there are many reasons why you should order samples for testing. This blog will not go into details. But just for these three reasons, it is necessary to order eyelash samples for testing.

Ysllashes, your best mink eyelash supplier.

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