YSL lashes Mink Lashes Wholesale China I have been in the eyelash industry for a long time, and we have met various customers for so many years.

YSL lashes Mink Lashes Wholesale China has always been customer-focused, providing customers with high-quality products and excellent service. This is the responsibility and mission of each of our YSLlshes employees.

But as we continue to provide better service to our customers, we are constantly rejecting customers. Why am I saying this?

Rejecting customers will make customers feel bad about us? My answer to this question is, No. If you dare to refuse, you can make further breakthroughs.

Of course, we will never reject your reasonable requests and suggestions. On what kind of question will we reject you? Let me tell you something about what we have encountered recently.

I want to customize my own box, which needs to hold eyelashes, glue, tweezers, and eyelash brushes. And I want a plastic tray.

Can you do it? of course we can. But we still reject this approach from our customers. Why? Every time we make pallet, we have to pay expensive molds, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. And we need a long time to design the height, length and size of the lashes tray to make it suitable for our eyelash products. Then debug the machine production lashes tray.

First of all, we have a very long time cost. Secondly, hundreds of thousands of dollars are extremely expensive for the masses of customers. These two reasons are undoubtedly a very serious burden. Our original intention is to earn money, not to put pressure on ourselves. Therefore, we resolutely refused the customer’s request.

We are very happy with customers who have their own ideas, because different thinking may bring better results to our business. But first of all, our ideas will change according to the actual situation of our business.

Some require us to do it, but we don’t recommend customers to do it. We are not engaged in this profession to make money. We love eyelashes and love our products. Only go to the real heart to understand everything.

So dear customers, don’t worry about accusing us when we reject you. All our suggestions and rejections are from our professional knowledge areas. Please listen carefully to the reasons we have explained to you.

Finally, I hope that our eyelashes are getting better and better. See you next time.

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