If you use expensive makeup that day

Not only do I feel extra beautiful

Even talking and walking will become very confident

If you run into an annoying customer

And a brave reply:

“Shut up! I have a chanel face today!”

I feel stronger after putting on makeup

Like before you put on makeup, you think:

“In my case, it would be nice to have someone

After the makeup:

“I think I can try Eddie peng

Before making up:

“All right, all right, all right, all right, all right

After the makeup:

“I’m the prettiest girl today. Shut up

Why do women wear makeup?

Because there’s only one face in life

Not beautiful once all sorry oneself!

Beautiful people are loved by everyone

But not everyone is blessed with beauty

Nature is not beautiful enough

Can’t it be remedied the day after tomorrow?

Don’t dress up

If you go out and meet a male god

How dare you say hello when you’re so unkempt?

Why do women wear makeup?

Women who go out in makeup

That aura and confidence

As if born

Makeup to drive

I’m the best

The universe is the most beautiful, the aura field is 2.80 meters

If you wash your hair and put on lipstick today

Even taking out the garbage is like walking Victoria’s secret

Why do women wear makeup?

Married and had children

Attend friends’ parties and parent-teacher conferences without glamour

How to save face for yourself and your children?

Meet someone you like

Makeup is respect

It is for the sake of those who please themselves

Meet people you don’t like

Other people dress up and you don’t look

Half dwarf on the momentum!

Why do women wear makeup?

Today can be pseudo-without makeup such as pure campus flowers

Tomorrow can super royal sister crush all

You are different in different situations

This is the real woman

Put on your makeup and look in the mirror

Clothes that used to be ugly

Now all feel beautiful

This is what makes a rotten thing wonderful!

Buy a lipstick in a bad mood

If you’re in a good mood, buy a lipstick

A lipstick does that

It’s excellent quality and reasonable price

Why do women wear makeup?

Women struggle to earn money

Just to please yourself

Don’t spend money on your face

How to maintain good mood?!

People really need to learn to make up when they grow up

For nothing but the countless moments in my life when I want to cry

Can also think of think of my mother’s makeup can not flower

There are no ugly women

Only lazy women

Enjoy life delicately

Be careful with yourself

Start with a great makeup

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