In the past few years, many friends especially like to go to the beauty salon for eyelash extensions. But in the past two years, they go to the eyelash extensions less and less. Why?

It is true that after eyelash extensions, the eyes look a lot more lively, even when the makeup does not need to deliberately put on mascara. Even without makeup is pretty.

According to our research, there are three reasons why friends are no longer opting for eyelash extensions.

The tape relaxes the skin around the eyes

As many of you who have had eyelash extensions know, before eyelash implants. The beautician will use tape over your eyelids to hold our eyelids open completely for better operation.

However, the average eyelash extension length is between 1.5 and 2 hours. That means your eyelids will be ripped with duct tape for an hour. Especially after the completion, tear off the tape will further pull the skin around the eyes. It creates a lot of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

In the long run, skin around the eyes relaxation and ages faster. So, rather than the beauty of having long eyelashes for a while, it is more than worth the loss for a girl to have her eyes grow old.

Your real eyelashes are getting smaller and smaller.

Because we have false eyelashes, they will fall off at the end. Although general beautician can say to be able to maintain a month. But in the time of this a month, false eyelash actually can be dropped slowly, just can be more apparent after a month.

But if it’s just false eyelashes falling off, forget it. What many women can’t accept is that they have fewer and fewer true eyelashes! This is because when false eyelashes are planted, they are glued together with our true eyelashes. So they often fall off together. So much so that our true eyelashes are becoming fewer and fewer.

Glue irritates eyes

Glue is used to graft false eyelashes. As for the lashes glue used in many beauty salons, there is often no guarantee of quality. And when the glue is opened, it is often accompanied by a pungent and choking smell, which also contains stimulus eyes.

This actually contains a lot of toxic substances, not only indirectly causing harm to our bodies, but also the inferior glue can directly stimulate the hair follicles of our eyelashes, causing our own eyelashes to grow slowly or even stop growing!

Oh, my god, every one of these reasons is something that terrifies a beautiful girl.
But if these problems have never occurred to you, you can certainly continue to choose eyelash extensions. But be careful to choose a good salon and beautician.

If you’re having the same problem, maybe you should try our full strip lashes. Maybe he can make you feel differently.

Expect every girl to be more beautiful.

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