Why are YSL eyelashes getting longer?

YSL Lashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Bulk has been in the eyelash market for 11 years, from the beginning of the eyelashes 10mm length to the current eyelash length of 28mm, and even some longer.

So why are the eyelashes in the eyelash market getting longer and longer? According to our experience of YSLLASHES in the eyelash market for many years, it can be summarized as the following reasons:

First, the customer’s aesthetics of eyelashes are changing.

Customer preferences determine the future of this eyelash market. So why do people’s aesthetics of eyelashes tend to be more long-term? We can think about this problem in reverse. Customers who buy eyelashes want show the beauty of their eyes, and the longer the eyelashes, the more obvious this effect is. Then why we wearing eyelashes?

The second point is that the eyelashes are more and more popular.

Eyelashes are no longer applied to personal makeup. Eyelashes can be worn on more and more occasions, such as masquerade parties, such as stage performances, such as partying. There are more and more occasions where you can wear eyelashes. It also leads to the diversification of eyelash use.

Third, eyelash curling requirements are getting higher and higher

The curling of the early eyelashes on the market is very simple, and there is basically no curling at all. But consumers want to pursue a very natural and messy curl. On the other hand, it is necessary to lengthen the length of the eyelashes themselves, so that the length is more sufficient to make the curl.

The above three points are the reason why the eyelashes are getting longer and longer in the eyelash market. Of course, not all, others will be explained later in the blog.

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