Dear customer, please remember: every decision made by Cannes is based on “most Save customers’ costs to the greatest extent, create maximum benefits for customers, and focus on the longevity of each customer
“Developed”. So we are for your eyelash merchants launched eyelash set.

The number of eyelash set varies from 10-20 pairs, mixed styles, these styles are popular in the market Style, or newly designed styles, most help customers open the market in the shortest time. Because there are always a lot of customers to ask these questions, we are ready for you, you can also according to Make your own judgment based on actual market needs, and match styles independently. Tell me, let me help you do!

In addition, considering the international express charge standard, the minimum charge for international express is 30 USD, we calculated the number of eyelashes within 0.5 kg. So that The cost of each pair of eyelashes is the lowest.

Modern people have precious time, obvious personality, and do not like a single model, so their makeup The contents are sometimes light makeup, sometimes heavy makeup, so you need different styles of eyelashes to match, one Buy different styles in case of unexpected needs.

Consider more than you, try to find short cuts to Make beauty easy
is our dedication.

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