What Are Mink Strip Lashes?

The mink strip lashes are made of real mink fur in a cruelty-free way. Mink fur Is brushed off from living mink in a gentle way.The mink did not get any damage throughout the process. Collected fur must undergo a rigorous high-temperature sterilization, and then soaked in fresh milk for 3 days so that the eyelashes will be made more shiny, active. Quality will be better as well.

How many kinds eyelashes?

Different types of mink strip lashes. There are main types of false eyelashes on the market today: 3D mink lashes, 3D mink lashes with the invisible band, 3D silk lashes, 3D silk lashes with the invisible band, regular mink lashes, regular mink lashes with the invisible band and bottom lashes. The most popular are 3D mink lashes.

Ysllashes have so many 3D mink lashes types for your reference. Natural, or Winking, or Glam, or Luxury. If you want unique styles, Ysllashes can help you do that.  All the hairs are handcrafted from the softest and finest naturally shed mink hairs, our lashes are inexplicably natural looking.

How to choose eyelashes?

Do you want to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter? False eyelashes can do this job. Every girl dreams to have a pair perfect eyelashes. Different length and shape options make this job harder, that’s why we need so many types eyelashes. What is the true meaning of eyelashes? The 3D Eyelash Creator told me it’s real and beautiful. In order to achieve this goal. We constantly improved the producing process of eyelashes. Perfect glue to make band softer, the perfect temperature to make the perfect lash curl. What Are the advantage of Mink Lashes? You will also see that there are plenty of benefits to mink eyelashes. First of all, your eyes will look amazing. While your lashes will be beautiful, they look like your real eyelashes.


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