Hey, beautiful girls, I am coming.
The eyelashes introduced to us today are our most dazzling 25mm double mink lashes. This series of eyelashes is the hairiest and thickest style. They are made of 25mm mink lashes as the basic style, which is made by combining two styles.

We can see that the hair of the 25mm double eyelashes is very thick. So in the process of making, the most common problem is that the eyelashes fall off the hair. The eyelashes of the false eyelashes are the most critical part of whether the eyelashes fall off the hair.

In some cases, this problem is also the easiest thing to solve. Thicken the eyelashes band so that they are thick and wide. But is this actually simple?
YSLlashes takes full account of the overall comfort and aesthetics of the eyelashes. The thick and wide mink lashes band will make the eyes uncomfortable when worn, which is not what our YSLlashes want.

It is precise because of the particularity of this eyelash series that the production process of 25mm double mink lashes is very complicated. Our mink eyelash factory used a long time to train eyelash workers. Handmade mink hair lashes are inherently difficult, so it requires each worker to be proficient in every step. This will produce the highest quality mink hair lashes for eyelash customers.

In the designer’s practice of adjusting eyelash drawings and workers numerous times, we finally made the perfect 25mm double mink eyelashes with eyelashes band and no hair loss.

For the 25mm double-layer eyelashes, we can say without exaggeration that only the eyelash factory in the world can make such a perfect 25mm double eyelashes.

This series was originally custom made for a mink eyelashes client. But then it caused a lot of repercussions in the market. So in the later period, we have developed a lot of new styles. If you want to have your own unique style of eyelashes, please contact me immediately. We will help you customize your own eyelash style.

YSL lashes, your best eyelash supplier.

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WhatsApp:+86 176 6965 2218

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