Originality spirit

Recently, youku video released an online drama called <长安十二时辰> ( It means 24 hours in chang ‘an ). The series is directed by Chinese director Caodun and stars Lei jiayin and Jackson yi. Adapted from ma boyong’s novel of the same name, the drama tells the story of chang ‘an city falling into crisis on the eve of the tang dynasty’s shangyuan festival. Zhang xiaojing, a death-row prisoner in chang ‘an, was ordered to rescue chang ‘an with li in 24 hours.

(Pictures are from the Internet)

Everyone in the show, including the costumes, is made by the cast. In order to accurately restore history and culture. The crew even woven and dyed the fabric patterns of the clothes. And the clothes are made of vegetable dyes.

This spirit of pursuing details is the true spirit of craftsmanship. But it is precisely this spirit of craftsmanship that not everyone is pursuing that makes it truly valuable.

Concentration and perfection are the rare craftsmanship of The Times

In this impetuous society, focus and perfection are becoming more and more rare and precious. The ysllashes workers and designers who settle down to pursue perfection for the same day for seven years are single-mindedly doing false eyelashes. Which is a rare originality in the floating current of The Times.

Since the launch of 3D mink lashes series in 2012, ysllashes has continuously conducted in-depth research on innovative eyelashes styles, subverting products in the industry again and again.

In 2018, ysllashes launched the 25mm mink lashes series of long eyelashes for the first time, bringing wild beauty to more girls pursuing sexy and wild.

Behind many bold innovations is ysllashes’ consistent high requirement for eyelash quality.

In order to meet the requirements of high quality and new styles. The design team and production team of ysllashes made constant innovation and production for several months before finally deciding the styles to be put into the market.

The carving of the details, Reflected in all aspects

The eye of the craftsman can not contain a fine sand, nor can it hide any dirt. Ysllashes‘ requirements for the quality of eyelashes and the perfection of every detail are also mentioned in the selection of every raw material.

Ysllashes’ selection of each raw material insists on manual selection so as to ensure the perfect presentation of each mink hair. Only with good raw materials can eyelashes be presented more perfectly.

Details are everything, and details reveal everything. The use of high-quality raw materials and skilled workers is in line. With the extreme pursuit of quality of Ysllashes, the leading eyelash company.


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