Today in the video, I showed 4 styles mink lashes to the client. They are 3D36, 3D31, 3D09, 3D106.

3D36 and 3D31

3D36 and 3D31 are very similar in shape. 3D36 is made up of 9 clumps of eyelashes that cross over the eyelash band. 3D36 has loose hairs between each tuft of hair, making it less obtrusion between the lashes.

3D31 is made up of 12 tufts of mink hair, which like 3D36, crosses over the eyelash line. But the 3D31 crossover is smaller than the 3D36 crossover, which makes them look more compact. So 3D36 is going to look even puffier.

These two eyelashes are worn on the eye integral meeting gives a person a kind of lively and nifty sense. But there is something slightly fascinating about it.

If you want to date a boyfriend, and want to be a sweet girl. These two styles of eyelashes are very suitable.

3D106 and 3D09

Then there is the 3D106 style. One of my favorite styles in these four eyelashes.

3D106 is a set of long hair, a set of short hair. Alternating backward, the shape of the front short and long length is finally formed.

This eyelash is the most natural one in my video eyelash. Worn over the eyes, it makes it look like you’re not wearing eyelashes. But your eyelashes are shiny. With the popular words to describe, is the scheming!!!

If you want to go shopping with your girlfriends, have afternoon tea. I really recommend this one!

3D09 has always been as popular as our classic style. There are a lot of eyelash sellers looking for this style.

The lashes are the same length in front and back, but they are interspersed with short lashes and long lashes. They’re all in an arc shape.

It is attractive to the eye. Give people a sense that this girl has a very powerful aura. She must be very powerful. lol

If you’re a powerful woman in the workplace, or you want to make your aura stronger. Then you must try 3D09, it will give you unexpected results.

In fact, 4 styles mink lashes, Imagine the effect of wearing it on your eyes. We simply can’t imagine their beauty.

If you like these 3D mink lashes, don’t forget to place an order right away.

YSL lashes, your best eyelash supplier.

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